‘Fatsani’ gets internet Malawi frenzied


Fatsani, a new movie on the block has taken the internet by storm not only because it is purely Malawian but the story concept in it is moving.

This is not to withstand the fact that the production, editing, the actions in it are captivating to watch but the real-life experiences of a young girl in dire straits will make the viewers shade a tear or two.

Some will just relate to the hardship of life while others will get to understand the perspective of the struggle.

"It has the wow factor which makes you want to see more," said one reviewer who has seen the trailer on Facebook.

The movie is a true-life story of a young girl, played by Hanna Sukali.

The trailer has heart crunching visuals in which she is forced to go in the streets and sell bananas to survive.

Award winning director Gift ‘Sukez’ Sukali says: “We see her struggle, as various forms of abuse come from the ones who are supposed to protect her.”

Sukez explaining the background to the movie said the concept came about in 2014 but constraints like equipment and manpower meant they could not shoot it.

“First draft script was done and amended over the years until 2019, early February 2019 we had the gear and the Resources (the crew and the actors). We begun to shoot an extraordinary, hour-long drama thriller about a young 13-year-old Fatsani."

Sukez said they had to do research in order to come up with a movie inspired by true events.

Nearly 60 percent of the movie was shot and edited and he is optimistic that by March this year they will have finished.

The movie is a production of HD Plus, Animal Lab, Zozizwa and Kwacha creations and National Screen Guild.