Ma Blacks' Kuimba 12 dances to COVID tune

Black Missionaries

Reggae outfit Black Missionaries might be forced to release three singles for people to sample out Kuimba 12 while the band assesses the COVID-19 situation.

Three singles were set to be put out in July but the novel coronavirus pandemic has affected the band's fortunes.

The much-loved group failed to roll out the release of its singles to the masses due to the gloomy outlook of the entertainment industry and the economy.

The pandemic has forced the masses to switch into survival mode and the group views this as a set back.

Fumulani: People are focusing on COVID-19

Band leader Anjiru Fumulani in a telephone interview on Saturday said Kuimba 12 has met challenges saying people's attention is not into music.

"Even us as artists are not doing live shows, even studio sessions have been disturbed. So we thought it would be inappropriate because their minds are set on COVID-19. We have decided to just let the situation calm down a bit.

"Right now if the situation continues what we will do is just release the singles. Three of them while we looking at what to do next, whether to put it out this year or next," Fumulani said.

Shows have been stopped by the government and most artists who rely on audiences and packed venues are having to face financial difficulties.

With Kuimba 11 the singles which hit the streets were denounced and ridiculed for not being what people expected with some saying late Evison Matafale considered Malawi’s best reggae artist by some would have been disappointed with the direction taken.

Despite the negative talk, the outfit went on to have packed shows week in, week out a sign they never lost touch with their base.

For now, people have to cope with the situation and wait till the situation normalises in order to get new music from the band.