Beggars are not choosers-Nkasa

  • Living legends should be given the respect they deserve-Thole

Local legendary musician Phungu Joseph Nkasa has been handed the promised vehicle, a Toyota Seinta, with the artist expressing gratitude for the recognition.

Lead organiser of the initiative Caleb Thole handed over the vehicle to Nkasa in Blantyre on Saturday.Ā 

Thole confirmed: "Living legends should always be given the respect they deservešŸ‘," he also gave a respect shout out to Mikozi for bringing back such legends. "We shall keep supporting true Malawian art."

Joseph Nkasa in an interview said he was ecstatic about the car promise coming through.

"Out of 18 million people, there are a lot of people who deserve the recognition. I am thankful to God."

Thole and Nkasa

When asked what kind of vehicle he was expecting, a couple of days ago, Nkasa said he had no choice.Ā 

"Beggars are not choosers, I could not say Fortuner or Prado, wopangidwa kalibu safunsa mbamu," he explained, typical of NkasaĀ  of the self-styled Phungu (advisor) to use idioms.

Nkasa performed at Mikozi studios earlier this year where one of the requested songs was 'Anamva' in which he reminds former president Bakili Muluzi of his 2001 promise of a vehicle.

He thanked Mikozi for according him the experience, having initially had doubts about them.