Made See's ‘Complaining’ gets rave reviews

Made see artwork

Made See's new song has earned the up and coming artist praise, barely a day after it dropped with fans saying he legitimately has talent.

Titled ‘Complaining’ the songs sounds apologetic and but still sort of takes bites seemingly at his former mentor, Patience Namadingo. In the song, Made See, real name Medson Kapindu says education has not benefited some, a similar jab to what he said in his viral video.

The comments which are coming in from all quarters following his spat with former management Patience Namadingo’s ‘Namartists’, have urged the youngster to focus.

Popular artist Gwamba is among those who have commented on the song saying: “Made See-'Complaining', very amazing song.”

Hip Hop artist Phyzix writing on his Facebook page concurred with Gwamba saying Made See: “Got talent and his song is dope.”

Entrepreneur Kondwani Kachamba Ngwira wrote: “Have listened to this song by Made See- 'Complaining', entrepreneurs the young man has future, Dr Namadingo was right spotting talent in this boy the only problem is that Made See lacked patience that’s all.” 

Not all has been positive as the issue with Namadingo also came into play with people telling producer Steve Spesho to apologise to Namadingo for recording the song at his studio.

This school of thought is of the opinion Spesho should not help Made See again as it was only Namadingo who is supposed to work with the dancehall artist. However, Namadingo did say Made See is free to work independently because of the way he handled their contractual obligations.

Others are of the suggestion the up and coming artist should be singing gospel.

Despite all these different thoughts Made See has used the opportunity to show the nation he has something in him that just needs nurturing.