Mash up princess Bongie blossoms, plans EP

Bongie Melon

The country’s sensational trending mash-up princess, Bongie Melon’s management has revealed that she will be releasing her extended play soon.

The revelation comes days after the fast-rising star announced that she will be working with Eli Njuchi to drop a mash-up of the latter’s songs after she had taken social media in particular Twitter by storm with her covers of the artist's renditions.

According to her manager and co-founder of Panash Africa, Nohaata Seven, plans are underway to release Bongie’s first EP. She pointed out that the artwork for the EP will be released next week a day after the 7 track mash-up with Eli comes out.

Watch Bongie do a cover:

“The EP is called Melon, the artwork will be released next week after the mash-up,” said Seven.

She further disclosed that the EP will be accompanied by Bongie’s debut video.

In her words Bongie Melon, 18, real name Bongani Mwase links her inspiration and passion for music to her father.

Her clip has been watched thousands of times on Twitter

“My father really inspired me to start liking music and it became a habit,” she said.

Giving credit to her manager for suggesting the Chichewa mash-ups, Mwase said that she was taken by surprise with the reaction that she got after putting out her work.

“My manager suggested that I try Eli’s songs, to my surprise people liked it” added Mwase.

Bongie has since called upon her fans to be on the lookout as she has other upcoming projects and bigger plans.

She was the second artist to be signed under Panash after Xkesh was introduced. Panash is a recording label that was founded by Malawian UK-based Malaika and Nouhata Seven.