Teddy drops scintillating visual for 'Mtima'


Love is beautiful but it can also hurt badly.

In his latest installment singer Teddy is talking about heartbreak on the nicely composed and visualised 'Mtima'.

The video starts off with Teddy in a photo studio and gets a call from his girl.

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Teddy's main man, Kimpho Loka is seen passing the phone to Teddy who rejects picking up the call twice. 

On set

The girl sits in a room, rejected she asks herself if everything was nothing but lie.

It is quite interesting as Teddy is busy with work stuff, out in the streets with his friends seemingly not caring about his girl.

The girl

She suddenly breaks off into this well choreographed dance as song the is about to end.

Sync with the breakdown of Teddy this soothing sound and video will leave people in awe, marveling at the work put.