All Shades of Beautiful Fashion show to introduce 'Design Genius in Malawi'


All Shades of Beautiful Fashion show will this year introduce a competition to find the design genius in Malawi.

The fashion show's second edition gets underway on Saturday, September 24, from 6:30pm to 10pm at Amaryllis Hotel in Blantyre.

All Shades of Beautiful is a show that promotes diversity and inclusion in the fashion industry. It focuses on persons with disabilities being in the fashion industry.

The design genius competition is being touted as the first of its kind in Malawi and across the continent of Africa.

Xandria Kawanga, founder of All Shades of Beautiful and owner of House of Xandria told entertainment desk, they gave 10 designers materials to create clothes and they will also give them business coaching on how to use fashion to run a business with it.

Three categories will be showcased at the fashion show; Adaptive fashion, sustainable fashion and local fashion.

Xandria explained the adaptive fashion is meant for people with disabilities: "We have people that fail to wear their clothes because of functionality; imagine having a shirt automatically close because it has magnetic buttons, we want the young designers to run with this."

She added: "We are trying to build designers to be entrepreneurs aside from just making clothes, we also want them to make a living out of fashion."

Xandria disclosed all is set for the event which will see legendary artist, Lulu perform: "So far so good, we selected 10 fashion designers with disabilities and without disabilities and we also have 14 models who are going to showcase the work they have done on the runway." understands of the 14 models, six have disabilities. There are also two children, one with disability.