Madalitso Band's first US tour cancelled

Madalitso Band
  • Visa troubles to be documented

From bustling in the streets of Lilongwe the capital city of Malawi to world tours, the two man banjo players of Madalitso Band, have had misfortunes this year from missing tour dates in Europe to flights overbooking.

The band has been hit by another blow as it has announced it has failed to make its Unites States of America tour due to visas which they have not been given up to date.

The two said they applied for the visas back in July 2022 with intent to put on great shows in the US during this second part of the year.

"It's with sadness that we announce full cancellation of our USA tour. We had been holding out for a miracle so we could make the second half but now it's necessary to just let go. We applied for visas mid July but it wasn't long enough to get a response from them."

Tour dates

The band said they were hopeful despite missing three shows that they would have the visas ready for the rest of the tour to continue as planned.

This was Madalitso Band's first US tour and it has not gone according to expectations but they have expressed optimism of making it in 2023

"We have been in touch with the festivals and venues and we will definitely aim to put together a US tour in 2023."

Of late the band has been documenting their travels and disclosed visa troubles also make its clear for people to understand what they go through.