Tapps unleashes 'Feel The Greatness'


Tapps Bandawe continues his legendary conquest as he dropped a new audio visual for 'Feel The Greatness'.

Known for rich diversity when it comes to artists he assembles, Bandawe has brought together old guards, and bridged it with the younger generation.

The song 'Feel the Greatest' features Lucius Banda, Ethel Kamwendo Banda, Piksy, Hayze Engolah, E word, Lilia, Ritaa, Richard Mphopeya, Con Blue, and Saint.

Saint and them
Saint, Tapps and Rita

Speaking when he spoke to our entertainment desk, Bandawe said the song is mean to inspire.

He explained that people have something great in them and it just needs a nudge to bring it out.

"Every single person possesses greatness.

"The goal of the song is to inspireĀ  greatness and ignite the light inside."

Bandawe said time has come for people to all reflect on who we are.

He added the reflection should also go to what being great means to each and everyone personally because everyone has a different idea of what greatness is.