Gibo Pearson given his flowers for Cyclone Freddy response


Gibo Pearson who is famed for bringing the Phalombe music brand to the attention of Malawians has been hailed as a champion for his people for his relentless efforts to help Cyclone Freddy victims and survivors.

The 'Idzathera ma Penalty' star lost his studio and had his car damaged but instead of asking for relief, he has has been looking out for his community.

He raised the alarm of the situation on the ground as he stays in his home village instead of relocating despite the fame and money, since breaking the bank with his music.


One of those who has given him flowers while alive is the legendary writer, Okomotani Malunga who wrote him a poem.

Entertainment and Arts platform Mikozi head honcho, Bright 'Excess' Chiligo commended Pearson saying he is no ordinary artist.

"Gibo Pearson is not just a musician but a leader. This is a man that puts the needs of his people ahead of his needs.

Excess and Pearson
Chiligo and Pearson 

"Gibo is not greedy. Despite losing his house, car, studio equipment, all Gibo cared about was the safety of the people in his community.

Renowned videographer, Ronald 'Ron C' Zeleza said: "Giboh Pearson Phalombe Musik has earned my respect. This is an artist who was heavily affected by cyclone Freddy but he did the opposite.

Pearson expressing his gratitude for relief to his people 

"Instead of asking for his own help he let everything aside and used his influence to help his home village for that I salute him.

"He further said these people made him who he is today and that's the only way to give back to his people. Indeed Malawi is the warm heart of Africa.May your music and career live long Giboh."