Malawians react to Chakwera's suicide comment


Some Malawians have expressed anger and disappointment over President Lazarus Chakwera's sentiments that cases of suicide are on the rise because people are "giving up easily."

Chakwera said this when he attended Katawa Assemblies of God in Mzuzu where he asked Malawians to have faith.

"Keep the hope, keep the faith, God has not abandoned His creation, He certainly did not abandon Malawi," Chakwera said

Reacting to Chakwera's assertion that Malawians are giving up easily and killing themselves, Takondwa Zuze Bvumbwe said: "This is very insulting, especially to the people who “gave up easily.” Very insulting!! 

"Shame this is coming from a whole leader. Shameful!"

Paul Alifandika called Chakwera's comments: "Reckless, insensitive and inconsiderate statement coming from a leader of a whole Nation. One would question the role of his advisors. They are sleeping on the job."

Jack Mcbrams tweeted the Chakwera saying: 

This is totally inconsiderate & condescending from President @LAZARUSCHAKWERA and just exposes his utter ignorance on the causes and nature of suicide. And if our President reasons this shallowly, then I'm afraid to say, God has really abandoned #Malawi

— Jack McBrams (@mcbrams) November 27, 2022

Kent Msukwa chided the President: "Says a person who has everything on his table, he doesn't even know the cost of living Malawians are experiencing."

Renatta Walton cautioned Chakwera saying: "Mental health challenges cannot be described as giving up too easily. We need more mental health support and resources for people who feel hopeless."

Anantawa Ntaba questioned: "Really.....a whole President talking this nonsense?? What has he done in his capacity to encourage his citizens??? Take several seats Mr President."

Loveness Kaunda told Chakwera: "People are not giving up easily! Malawians are hard working people and it’s  his government which is failing the people. everyday people are doing what one can humanly possible do to put food on the table and politicians are stealing every day without shame and making hard working Malawians look stupid to their families. It’s so frustrating and draining."

Kondwani Ludoviko said: "We have been going through very tough times but kept hope. I don't think Malawians are giving up easily as this man thinks. Yes there's no place where things are rosy each day except for the Paradise up there.

"What makes people decide to take their own lives early is the fact that our woes looks strange, self made, unending."

Others questioned what kind of motivation speech this is from a president.

Not everyone was against him. There were some who found his words soothing like Rabson Sichula: "We have to encourage each other not to give up easily. Every problem has its end. The abuse of law and miscarriage of justice on the basis of personal vendetta are two major reasons for the decline of any society. Help us Lord."

Statistics shows between January and August of 2022, the police reported 208 suicide cases.

168 were males and 40 being female.

This is an increase from 160 suicide cases during the same period last year.