Premier Bet sponsors Institute of Marketing conference

The handover

Premier Bet has given Institute of Marketing K5 million to help them in their preparations for this year's lakeshore conference.

The conference which will take place from October 26th to 29th at Sunbird Livingstonia under the theme 'From thriving to surviving, scaling towards excellence and this is their second year'.

Commercial Director for Premier Bet said they made the donation because they believe in the presence and strength of marketers.

He pointed out they are looking forward to win awards for the efforts they have on the Malawian market.

Among those awards in contention include PR personality, Presidential award, Peoples choice of brand.

"It a great recognition for what we are doing for the average Malawian person.," he said.

George Damson, Public Relations Director for the Institute of Marketing and Chairperson of the conference organizing committee said they will also discuss issues of mental health.

Damson explained the thinking behind the theme is that they appreciate and recognize the challenges across the globe; recession, COVID-19, war between Russia and Ukraine which has disrupted the global supply chains.

"So we are saying, even things are difficult but how best can we thrive in our profession as marketers and individuals?."

Damson said the money is a timely boost and expressed gratitude to Premier Bet saying it will go a long way to cater for the needs of the conference.

Among other things which will be addressed at the conference include; leadership, entrepreneurship.

There will also be discussions on mental, health, a topic which he said is open to every one as the conference is diverse.