COVID-19 stings finance sector-Ecobank closes CBD branch

Ecobank  Bank

As COVID-19 figures for Malawi continue to surge, with Blantyre emerging as Malawi's epicentre for the disease, Ecobank's branch in city's Central Business District temporarily closed on Monday due to the coronavirus.

A visit to the branch on Victoria Avenue found two heavily masked personnel spraying the main entrance.

Later, workers stationed themselves at the entrance and were seen agitated with others calling with their fellow workmates around town.

A statement by the management said one staff member has been found with COVID-19 and as a measure had to close off the branch.

One female worker who did not want to be identified said they chose not to go to their respective homes.


On Tuesday, the bank sent a message to customers in Blantyre, directing them to other branches in the city.

Malawi has been hit by a second wave of COVID-19 with the past 24 hours recording over 90 patients and one death.

The Presidential Task Force and Ministry of Education have allowed schools to open normally and examinations to take place.

Co-chairperson of the task force Dr John Phuka said the closing of schools last year was due to medical personnel and other technocrats narrow understanding of the virus.

He said now that they have grasp of how it spreads and how to efficiently prevent it, they are confident they handle the situation.

Apart from the banking industry being affected the tourism and hospitality business has also taken its fair share of the aftermath.

Reports indicate Ryalls Hotel lost its manager to COVID-19 and a good number of workers contracted the virus.

The hotel also temporarily closed for a day over the festive season.