Area 24 UTM arson trail adjourned again

The arson

Defence lawyer for former United Democratic Front (UDF) spokesperson Ken Ndanga and six others has welcomed a High Court adjournment in the Area 24 UTM arson trial.

This adjournment is the third in a row.

High Court Judge Anabel Mtalimanja on Thursday adjourned the trial to November 2, 2022.

Judge Mtalimanja in her ruling ordered the State to serve the defence team with disclosures within seven days.

She said the defence deserves enough time to go through evidence provided by the State.

Counsel Oscar Taulo, defense lawyer said the adjournment will give them ample time to prepare for cross examination of the remaining State witnesses.

The defence was however denied an application to have the case moved to the crime scene Area 24.

The court said they could not accommodate the application due to logistical challenges.

Senior State Advocate in the office of Director of Public Prosecution, (DPP) Dzikondianthu Malunda said the state is ready to parade their last witness.

Malunda disclosed they have already already served the defence with the disclosures.

Ndanga and six others are answering murder charges following an arson on the UTM office that led to the death of the Tambala family in 2020.

Two of the witnesses for the State, William Banda, a block leader in Area 24 and Hamilton Bester told the court the attack back in 2020 was meticulously planned and executed by a group called Kattar following several meetings.

Ndanga is accused of bankrolling the group.