COVID-19 cure in Malawi?

COVID-19 Herbs in Malawi?

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to wreak havoc by claiming thousands of lives across the world, it has emerged that there is a certain group of people in Blantyre who claim to have developed herbal cure for the disease.

This has been discovered following a letter circulating on social media by the Blantyre District Health Office (DHO) through its Director of Health and Social Services, Dr. Gift Kawalazira to Dr. John Mponda of College of Medicine for evaluation of the herbal medicine.

“The bearers of this letter are claiming to have found a herbal cure for COVID-19 and would like to work with Government Institutions in administering the remedy. Kindly assist in evaluating the efficacy of their remedy and provide further guidance on how we can proceed in working with them,” reads the letter.

Dr Kawalazira copied the letter to the District Commissioner, Blantyre City Council, Chief Machinjiri and Pharmacy Medicines and Poisons Board.

The producers of the herbs could not be reached for a comment as the numbers indicated on their herbal bottles are off.

In May this year, a herbal products manufacturing company, Teras Health Care also claimed that it has a product which is a COVID-19 cure.

The company’s marketing and communications director Ronald Amos claimed that Teras herbal juice is completely healing patients who test positive for the coronavirus.

“We have confidence in our product. Our product is working on Coronavirus just as it has worked on several diseases. So it’s our plea that the government should give us a chance and we mean what we are saying,” said Amos.

But in an earlier interview, the Ministry of Health said it cannot just accept herbs and concoctions for treating the coronavirus without subjecting them to testing and research.

Deputy director of Preventive Health Services responsible for health education Mavuto Shanto Thomas stated that the Ministry has a section which deals with traditional healers and herbal medicine hence encourages those with miracle cure concoctions to get in touch with the responsible officers in the Ministry.

Thomas disclosed that the fact that a lot of people are suffering from kidney problems due to usage of unauthorised herbs, has prompted government to drag its feet before accepting the concoctions to be used by those affected by COVID-19.

Should the Ministry gives them a nod, Malawi will become the second country in Africa to claim to have found cure for the virus after Madagascar also introduced one.

Despite having the drugs, which they claim to be effective, Madagascar still registers new cases and deaths related to COVID-19.

By Thursday, Malawi had 3981 confirmed cases, with 123 being new ones.

The country has so far registered 109 deaths from the total 2,065 active cases, while 1807 have recovered.

Meanwhile 29599 tests have been conducted across the country.