Doctors praise Malawians for supporting COVID fight

Society of medical doctors

The Society of Medical Doctors in Malawi has hailed Malawians for incessantly supporting the society's efforts in combating the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

The society's President, Victor Mithi said this in an interview with 

Mithi who is also member of the private citizens initiative which has raised over MK300 million, said the decrease in COVID-19 cases in the country is resulting from concerted efforts from all Malawians.

"Since the second wave hit the country, Malawians have been showing commitment to eradicating the virus.


"More donations to society of medical doctors and the private citizens initiative have helped us to reach this far. Statistics show the decrease in numbers of cases," Mithi said.

Recently, the Tobacco Commission made a K10 million COVID-19 equipment donation to the society which, as Mithi puts it, will be used for procurement of medical supplies.

Kamuzu academy alumni, class of 1993 weighed in with a donation of medicals worth MK1.2 million to Kamuzu Central Hospital.

Meanwhile, as the fight against the pandemic rages on, Mithi has urged Malawians to continue donating to COVID-19 initiatives.

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