Hand washing reduces 50 percent of infections

Hand washing

Handwashing reduces 50 percent of infections across the globe, this according to statistics by health officials.

This was disclosed when nurses and other health workers joined the global handwashing day whose theme is "Achieving Hand Hygiene at the Point of Care."

Tinnie Mthuzi, a matron, nurse midwife at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital said the global hand washing day serves as a reminder that hand washing, a sample activity that is achievable by everyone can help reduce risk of infection.

"Fifty percent of the infections across globe can be reduced, that is what the statistics are saying, this goes even to spreading the infection to others."


Mthunzi pointed out data shows that infected cases  for COVID-19 and those who have died has reduced tremendously because of hand washing.

"As of Wednesday we had only five patients in the COVID-19 wards which means we are doing well in terms of hands washing, that shows we are making progress. We have hand washing facilities everywhere here at QECH,we have a guard who reminds people to wash, they have to check they have a mask on before proceedings to what they are doing here."

Mthunzi said disclosed 30 percent of diarrhea cases have been reduced globally and 20 percent in terms of respiratory cases.

A participant shows how to wash hands properly

Speaking on a local level she said as for now they have not registered any case at QECH ad looking at the figures from other hospitals things are moving in the right direction.

She explained there is need to be consistency in order not to backslide from the progress made.

Mthunzi dispelled this drive has progressed because of fear of COVID-19 saying people have just got into the habit.


"If that was the case people would have stopped now that the numbers are reduced but once you do something for sometime you get used.

"There were some people who never believed that there is COVID-19 but now they believe it is rule, but i would not believe they are doing ti because they are afraid, by they now they understand and value hand hygiene. that is why we have this day every year to remind us the importance of hand washing," she said.