Precious Medical Insurance unveils comprehensive health cover

Precious Medical Insurance

Precious Medical Insurance company, a new entrant on the health cover market has challenged that it has the best solutions for Malawians’ medical needs.

The medical Insurance service provider's CEO, Dr Gertrude Mateyo said what makes the company unique is that it is wholly owned by Malawians and therefore understands the needs of the people.

“We are a pacesetter in the health insurance industry offering a range of top quality and affordable health insurance schemes offering extensive coverage of What is most precious for our corporate clients,” she said.

Dr Mateyo further said the company’s schemes are unique as they do not require clients to pay shortfalls for essential and emergency treatment, while focusing on the most precious issue, which is their health.

“We have a wide network of hospitals and clinics throughout the country including major hospitals, plus access to hospitals in South Africa and India when indicated.

“Currently, we are dealing with corporate customers through their employees, but have a range of schemes according to the client’s choice. However, all the schemes cover the essential medical requirements without shortfalls,” she added.

Dr Mateyo
Dr Mateyo: We are the best medical insurance company. Photos by Benjamin Maona 

The schemes include Gold Plus which requires adults to pay K35,000 and children K31,000, while the Gold one is at K22,500 for adults and K21,000 for children.

Supa Scheme requires the adult clients to pay K12, 900 and children K11, 900, while the Silver Scheme is at K9,100 for adults and children K8, 800.

The Bronze scheme is pegged at K4, 200 for adults, and K3, 900 for children.

All the schemes are paid monthly.

On the general business environment, Dr Mateyo said the medical insurance industry has welcomed them positively considering the number of clients that have joined and keep joining so far.