Vindicated- says Timmy, as Dzamalala appeals

Mtilosanje and Mchizi

Malawi's renowned pathologist, Dr Charles Dzamalala has said he will appeal the decision by the board of Medical Council of Malawi.

The board resolved that Dr Dzamala should be given a warning letter following his alleged medical negligence and unprofessional conduct in coming up with a forensic pathology report on the death of Kottana Chidyaonga

The board found him guilty of "definitively concluding that the late Kottana Chidyaonga died of termic poison"

Late Kottana died in January 2020 leading to the arrest of his boyfriend Timothy Mtilosanje popularly know as Timmy and four others.

There were acquitted for lack of evidence and have ever since disapproved of the pathologists findings.

Mtilosanje later complained to the board.

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"The Council discussed the case and determined that the late Kottana Chidyaonga's forensic pathology report is inconsistent with standard practice for performing and issuing forensic pathology report because the laboratory he used to determine the causation of death as termic did not have reagents to elicit the levels of venom and the levels of anesthetic drug, vecuronium that maybe the most likely to contribute to the causation of death" reads the Board's determination. 

Dzamalala's lawyer, James Naphambo reacting to the news said his client is dissatisfied with the decision of the board.

But lawyer for Mtilosanje, Khwima Mchizi speaking to the media said based on the board's determination, they plan to sue Dzamalala and the State.

Mchizi said someone has to be held accountable as the arrests and court battles led to Mtilosanje;s reputation being tarnished.

He explained the determination by the board vindicates his client.