Change in Commonwealth leadership; an opportunity to transition & become better

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles

For two years, the late Queen Elizabeth II was Malawi’s Queen as the country was transitioning to a Republican status and she played a tremendous role during the process from being a British protectorate to independence in 1964.

President Lazarus Chakwera was 24 when the Late Queen Elizabeth visited Malawi in 1979 where people jubilated, danced and were happy to welcome her due to the smooth transition she had overseen.  

Speaking in an interview on BBC Newsday programme, Chakwera said the Queen was a symbol of decency, duty and dignity.

“An icon of that stature, held in so high an esteem is something we all miss; in fact this is an end of an era not just for the British Monarch, not just for the British people, but for all of us in the Commonwealth and the whole world and so we mourn her passing,” he said.

Chakwera: History changes and if we decide to adapt, we can change and become better with the changes

He described her as a figure that drew together all that had been associated with the British in the past but even those not associated with it because members had been coming in to become part of the grouping because of what she represented.

With King Charles the third on the throne, he hopes the world will get stronger together and not disintegrate.

The Malawi leader acknowledged it will be different as they are two different characters altogether but one thing that stands out is that the Queen was irreplaceable.

“It sure would be different in terms of the fact that she was who she was; irreplaceable but it’s a good challenge in order for us to be able to transition knowing that leadership changes, history changes and if we decide to adapt, we can change and become better with the changes that are forced upon us and for the British people whom we stand in solidarity at the moment. We pray that as we look forward even looking back at what the past has been, we can still be hopeful that the best is yet to come”.