Ukraine crisis: 11 Malawians moving out

  • 3 already returned, 5 working on return logistics, 3 want to finish studies

As of 3rd March 2022, three Malawians have re-united with their families and moved out of Ukraine while five are working on their travel arrangements having come out of Ukraine.

In an interview monitored on Capital Radio, Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesperson John Kabaghe said at the last count, 11 Malawians were confirmed to have been in Ukraine and moving out.

Three Malawian nationals are planning to stay there just to finalise their studies; with one of the students expected to graduate in July and trying to finish her education.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry says it is striving to facilitate the evacuation of Malawians to safety in neighbouring Poland and other countries.

“In total, we have three Malawians who have already returned and then five who are working out the logistics for their return and then three who want to finish their education.

“For now we just want to encourage all those who are inside Russia to say that maybe its good to take precautionary measures to move when things can still happen when movement can still happen. We cannot foretell or we cannot forecast what type of issues would happen in the near future; there are so many things that are happening. So we are just encouraging them to consider moving while it is still possible,” he said.

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Following the Ukrainian crisis with keen interest: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

He indicated that some of the citizens are coming back to Malawi and others are going to other destinations.

Kabaghe pointed out that the Ministry followed with keen interest reports that Africans had been subjected to discrimination in the evacuation process.

Malawi’s Ambassador in Berlin convened a meeting with fellow SADC envoys and came up with a position and decided to discuss the issue with the Ukrainian Ambassador in Berlin where the message was conveyed.

The Ukrainian government issued a statement that it would ensure there is no discrimination to any foreigners in the evacuation process.

In as far as Poland is concerned, the Malawi government is happy with its position of waivering some conditions such as COVID-19 tests and Visa on those running away from the conflict to come into Poland.

Malawi further expressed gratitude for the support in the provision of accommodation and food to the displaced persons.

The Foreign Affairs publicist parried away reports of discrimination in Poland and Hungry or anywhere else except when coming outside and Inside Ukraine that’s when the reports were there.

Kabaghe stressed that t there are no direct report from Malawians that they had experienced any form of discrimination.