US voters voice their frustrations on polls, governance systems


As voting in the midterm elections commenced on November 8, citizens took turns to speak out on some of the issues they feel are yet to be addressed in making America a better place for all regardless of the differences there may be.

At Pilgrim Presbyterian Church one of the voting polling station in Raleigh North Carolina, one of the voters who preferred anonymity underscored the need for her to be involved in the democratic process from the local government where it all starts to promote what she believes in.

She explicitly stated that she is not amused with the status quo hence taking her part to change things in a peaceful and democratic manner.

“Iam not happy with how my tax money has been spent; I think it should be more conservative; it’s not government’s money, it is people’s money so Iam not happy with the democratic process. Everybody has the right to speak their opinion, this is the only way to be a peaceful society, to be able to speak and not be shunned for that.

“I wasn’t happy; I was actually watching for Trump before but I don’t believe the cheating was in such a big scale that it changes the results so I do believe that my vote would count”.

Iam not happy with how my tax money has been spent

She could not rule out on the possibility of a Donald Trump’s comeback stating that the former President is a character that would be able to do this and stressed that she wouldn’t vote for him in primaries, but if he would be the Republican select, that would give her a choice between him and a Democrat and would definitely vote for him as a councillorship.

A voter only identified as Chuck expressed concern on the last elections and wonders where America is going adding that what frightens him are the daily shootings which he described as terrible and blamed it on the internet.

He said with the road rage and other incidents, he doesn’t feel safe as people don’t care anymore and does not know how this can be addressed arguing that since the Democrats are failing to overcome it, then a different party should be given the opportunity to do it.

Having been around a long time, he pointed out that he doesn’t see things the same way they used to be.

A self-confessed Trump fan, the former President did a good job while in office according to his assessment.

Chuck: I’m not a fan of the current administration, Trump did a lot of good things

“I’m sorry you can argue that all day long but he did a lot of good things, the border war all kinds of things that he did for people. We don’t seem to understand but it’s because of different parties in office this was not realized. I have some friend a Democrat; I tried to ignore him because he drives me crazy because of the logic if you will.

“I’m not a fan of the current administration but I don’t know who’ll end up running for office so I hope that when I’m done with this discussion, the Senate and the Congress will shift over to help a lot”

Another voter Ha-Yio-Yah who went to vote at Kipp Durham College Prep Public School decried the absence of freedom likening the current regime to a one party rule, dictatorial and boring hence leaving no chance for a dialogue and new ideas to change things.

While branding the electoral process as fair, he criticized the corrupt individuals in the system.

“I wouldn’t be surprised that they would shake it up who knows? Because you have a set of individuals that are determined to go their particular way regardless of what is right and then they call themselves am religious; but yet you stifle the freedom that people should have.

Students at University of North Carolina

“The lies continue, when Hitler took over when Mussolini took over, they said the same thing a lie and they finally took over. I’m not sweating it; am gonna be what I am in regardless of what happens. Very much so, lies will win the elections and I told my friend who is a staunch Republican and we were close friends when first Donald Trump came out I told him man he’s gonna win; he’s like no no he’s not gonna win. I said he’s telling the people what they want to hear”.

Regardless of the outcome, Yah stated that the right to vote remains his.

The 77-year old pointed out he will not fight a system that rigged and won’t have a heart attack over it but he will stand by what he believes in.

He cited racism as a big problem in the USA noting that the economy challenge is a global phenomenon which cannot be solved by one country.

The environment in the polling stations a team of 25 journalists from across the country under the auspices of the Foreign press centres visited was generally peaceful.