Bagus justifies his return to MCP

Salim Bagus

On 1st November, 2018,  Malawi Congress Party (MCP) second secretary general, Salim Bagus,  dumped the then main opposition party for what he described as personal reasons.

Bagus went on to flirt and get hitched to the now opposition Democratic Progressive Party. The relationship bore a child, a seat in cabinet as Minister of Industry and Trade.

But in late August, 2020, with the DPP out of government, Bagus announced he had quit. The reasons cited were again personal.

On Friday, the MP just announced his  defection back to the ruling Malawi Congress Party (MCP) "to serve the interests of the  people in his constituency".

The former Minister in the just-deposed Peter Mutharika administration said he was at liberty to join any party as he was voted in as an independent  Parliamentarian.

Bagus was speaking on Friday at Makande Community ground in Abida Mia's Chikwawa Mkombezi constituency when he was being officially welcomed back into the MCP camp.

"You see the people of Chikwawa Central voted for me to assist them in the  development of the area and not to do politics, so what I believe is that government is the master of all development in the country so why should I not join the party which is on the driving seat", said Bagus.

He  quashed assertions that he always defects to the party that forms government saying he served as UDF MP for the area from 1999-2004 and that he only switched parties when he was not an MP and that he was forced by cirmcustances beyond his control.

There has not been an immediate comment from the former governing DPP  officials as the party's spokesperson Brown Mpinganjira and Regional Governor for the South Charles Mchacha could not be reached on their mobile phones.

Bargus defected to the DPP from the UDF during former president Bingu wa Mutharika's administration but he later joined the People's Party (PP) of former President Joyce Banda when the DPP lost power following Bingu's death.

He  rejoined the DPP during former president Peter Mutharika's tenure but later defected to the MCP side before rejoining the DPP till now that he has rejoined the MCP.

Political prostitution is not uncommon in Malawi and analysts have attributed it to a lack of guiding ideologies.

“When politicians and our politics do not operate by set ideologies, this is its direct result. Association has now been seen as a source of power for most politicians such that they are ready to be with any party as long as it benefits their career,” noted Wonderful Mkhutche in a media interview.


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