'APM has not endorsed Msaka'

DPP's Bright Msaka

With speculations rife that former President Peter Mutharika and his wife Gertrude have endorsed Bright Msaka, Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) publicity machinery has come out to strong trash the reports.

Spokesperson Shadreck Namalomba branded them as false stating the Mutharikas are true democrats who believe in the party’s Constitution and that elections should be free and fair.

He said the Constitution of the party stipulates that elections should be held every five years with the last one in 2018 and the next one in 2023.

Namalomba stressed that at the material time there shall be an announcement of the date of the convention and one on opening up of campaign which has not happened.

He suspects those peddling the lies have ill-intentions because they just want to obtain an advantage over other candidates by lying that the Mutharikas have anointed the individuals to lead the party.

Namalomba: The President is a true democrat. He will not endorse any person

The DPP publicist also faulted the behavior of some candidates holding rallies arguing the campaign time together with the convention dates have not been announced.

“It is very wrong because that is very divisive when you have people now six seven people going around and campaigning you create camps. It is not in the interest of the President to facilitate the creation of camps rallying behind individual candidates that is why the President is saying, at the appropriate time they’ll be an announcement that convention date is this particular date and now everyone is free to now campaign.

“There is no endorsement of any particular candidate even in the name of Honourable Kabambe even in the name of Hon. Msaka and there are also other potential candidates Hon. Mwanamvekha, Hon. David Mbewe I hear so.

“And then we have Hon. Kondwani Nankhumwa. All these have expressed interest but the President has not endorsed. That’s the message that Malawians should get that the President is a true democrat. He will not endorse any person”.

The former First couple

While acknowledging people’s freedom to express interest to contest, he cautioned this must be done in such a way that does not create divisions in the party and must be done in a manner that should not bring the name of the former President into disrepute.

Msaka is scheduled to hold a press briefing on Friday 12th August to which Namalomba indicated the DPP President’s office has not received any notification on.

He further pointed out the former governing party will allow democracy to work as delegates at the convention will have representation from all over the country to elect leaders.