DPP floats presidential prospectives' CVs, excludes Nankhumwa


Opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has started floating around curriculum vita for prospective presidential candidates ahead of the anticipated party convention in 2023.

The party has been rocked with power struggle making it less effective for check and balances against Tonse Alliance government.

The infighting has also split the party followers between what are dubbed 'team madala' and 'team Nankhumwa'.

Incumbent president, Peter Mutharika is team Madala while Southern region vice president Kondwani Nankhumwa is in the other corner.

Recently Nankhumwa claimed Mutharika has devised a plan to use bouncers and block him into the convention.

The recently released CVs have seen Bright Msaka, George Chaponda, Joseph Mwanamveka flaunt their academia and achievements.

Nankhumwa's academic qualifications and achievements are yet to be published by the party.

Among others who noted that Nankhumwa's CV has not yet being published include William Kampira who questioned: "I thought mukuyika (you are putting up CVs) ma CV ama aspirants ndee why simunayike (have you not put up Nankhumwa's) ya Nankhumwa."

Political commentator, Latimu Matenje said the DPP presidential hopefuls need to come out openly now.

Matenje opined that stopping them will not help to resolve the rivalries in the party.

He further said there are likely others candidates who will come out to declare interest to vie for the job.