DPP is the only hope for Malawi-Chaponda


Democratic Progressive Party's (DPP) George Chaponda, who is vying for the party presidency has called on the party to unite as it is the only hope for Malawians.

Chaponda said the current Tonse Alliance government led by Lazarus Chakwera should resign as it has failed Malawians, two years down the line since been given mandate calling them "Tonse Liars".

"When they fail, they say COVID-19 when they did not accept it's existence when we were in power. Now they are blaming the Russian-Ukraine war and the DPP when we are in opposition. They have failed to govern in two years, they should go."

mammoth crowd

Chaponda claimed Tonse government have nothing tangible to say. "Time has come for them to go, Malawi is on autopilot, the President does not instill confidence," citing lack of leadership in dissolution of Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation, usually known as ADMARC by Agriculture Lobin Lowe as not economically viable, the rise of prices of fertilizer and electricity woes.

"Since Cyclone Ana, the rehabilitation has not progressed and it is affecting business, instead of the minister giving us hope but he comes and starts crying, will this help out. We do not want cry babies. Malawians are tied of blackouts, in just two years we have seen a loss of power on the grid."

Chaponda also took a jab at Chakwera for the one million jobs failure saying government can not come out and say people are selling masks and call it an achievement in employment. "They are bringing old people into places when things have changed, we have youth who have up to date knowledge."


Presidential hopefuls, Dr Dalitso Kabambe, Joseph Mwanamveka said the party, during its era made sure of economic growth as compared to the devaluation, rise in inflation which is hurting the vast majority of people and called for unity within the party. 

DPP Southern Region Governor, Charles Mchacha warned that who ever is vying for party presidency should abide by the party's rules, saying any candidate going against the current president Peter Mutharika will not campaign in his region.

Among others who were at the rally included executive secretary Francis Mphepo among other members of parliament, counsellors, DPP college youth.