Tonse should throw in the towel-DPP speaks on Afrobarometer findings


Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) says it feels exonerated that they still have masses following Afrobarometer research findings.

Shadric Namalomba, spokesperson for the party's President Peter Mutharika in a written response to Kulinji political desk said: "It's good news to hear that the mighty DPP is the most preferred party to win against all parties in this country."

Namalomba touted that during the era of DPP, life was better off as compared to the present Tonse Alliance administration.

"We are not surprised because the DPP under His Excellency Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika governed this country so well that the economy was stable, cost of living was contained, there were no electricity blackouts, no shortage of drugs in hospitals, no fuel shortages, the list continues."

Namalomba said it is also good news because the Afrobarometer has confirmed "DPP is a truly national party that is loved and trusted to redeem all Malawians from Chitipa to Nsanje from the economic dungeons inflicted by the Tonse Government."

Despite the findings, DPP has been rocked with power struggles since it left government.

Party president, Mutharika has remained in office pending a 2023 convention but a number of contestants who are gunning for the position among them Kondwani Nankhumwa, Bright Msaka have gone flat out on the ground.

The power wrangles have been brought before the courts with Nankhumwa and team being awarded K87 million as costs.

Namalomba acknowledged and said they are not complacent: "As we receive such good news we are also very careful not to be complacent but continue with our party reforms to complete the functional review and adopt a revised constitution ready for us to serve Malawians any time there is an election."

The spokesperson went back to take a swipe at the current regime saying: "The Afrobarometer has also confirmed our calls for a national referendum to test the popularity of the Tonse Government.

"Indeed to the Tonse Government, the results are a wake up call that Malawians can not be taken for granted. Imagine 90% of Malawians do not want this Tonse Government.

"The Tonse Government could as well consider throwing the towel and resign."

Calls to the the ruling party, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) spokesperson, Maurice Munthali, Secretary General Eisnhower Mkaka, coalition partner UTM General Secretary Patricia 'Akweni' Kaliati and even the Minister of Information, Gospel Kazako all went unanswered.

However, Kazako has told The Daily Times that the Tonse government is not moved by the poll results.

"The report findings are not what is on the ground today. And it does not mean that is going to happen in 2025. The Tonse Alliance has three more years ahead and things are bound to change," he was quoted as saying.