Usi calls for 'wiping out' of government sabotage


UTM Vice President and Minister of Tourism and Wildlife and Culture, Micheal Usi has said things can not work if there are people who are sabotaging the government.

Usi on Sunday said those in government including himself, UTM president Saulos Chilima, Patricia Kaliati and others included are to blame.

"We have to look at what is wrong and fix those because we are in government and were at fault."

Usi cited immigration department, the electricity sector as some of those places where people are doing things deliberately to make the government fail.

"I told the minister [Energy Ibrahim Matola] to stop crying, it should be the one who is powering down."

He called for firing of those in departments as they are the ones who are involved and should be wiped out in order to implement the government's projects.

Kaliati and team

Secretary General, Patricia Kaliati said the party is growing as now it has 13 Members of Parliament from four in 2019 and insisted the party has strong structures on the ground.

She also went after Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) infighting saying they should put their house in order.

Penjani 'Fredokiss' Kalua on behalf of the youth said things are not working but pointed out people voted for Tonse because of UTM as the king maker.

Fredokiss: Next time we should learn to swim

On the alliance and how their president is treated, Kalua explained: "Next time when we are getting into the boat we should make sure we know how to swim."

Felix Njalawa said Chilima told the people to vote for the alliance and people want to know what exactly is going on as the party is being excluded.

"Our friends in the alliance are speaking rudely to our leaders, we want to know, is the alliance intact or is it not."

The party vice president did make assurances that the alliance is intact and that they can not leave the boat as suggested by other quotas of the party.