Kuwani concedes defeat, says he'll come out stronger

Peter Kuwani

Mbakuwaku Movement for Development (MMD) president Peter Kuwani has conceded defeat in the June 23 fresh presidential election.

Malawi held elections on 23 June 2020 following the Constitutional Court judgement and as upheld by the Malawi Supreme Court of Appeal (MSCA).

"I personally convey a congratulatory message to Dr. Lazaras Chakwera, Dr. Saulos Klaus Chilima and the entire Tonse Alliance crew for the lead to victory as per unofficial results.

"The game of numbers has to be respected notwithstanding the lodged complaints," he says.

Kuwani says MMD would have loved to have carried the day but is glad that, democracy and the rule of law have emerged victorious.

"We will smile with victors on the road to social and economic development should they deliver the electoral manifesto.We will continue to provide checks and balances should electoral promises turn into emptiness.

"We shall be part of victory should the nation register social and economic development and we shall reprimand your regime should promises turn into mere political rhetoric," he said.

Kuwani also thanked those who have voted for him.

"A loss is a bitter pill to swallow when egos are above social and economic development agenda. Kudos to MMD followers and we shall certainly come out stronger than before...MMD has been a work in progress and it is pleasing that the party is steadily progressing into maturity,

"We have a great following than envisaged because MMD is a political party built from a scratch and having love, tolerance and coexistence as it’s pillars for realization of social and economic development. Additionally, people who are tired of recycled politicians find MMD as the right political option," he said.

He added that MMD’s agenda of redefining the country’s cartel of political leadership block aimed at unearthing hidden treasures for the benefit of the marginalised society may have compelled people to vote for him.

Unofficialsults show that Kuwani has finished third with less than one percent of the votes.