Open letter to Patricia Kaliati

Patricia Kaliati

Dear Madam Minister,

I write to comment on a short video clip that is circulating on social media purporting to have been authored by your official office as Minister of Gender, Community Development and Social Welfare. 

In this video clip you are heard suggesting that, the serious problem of child molestation can be solved by training men on how to propose to a woman. You are actually heard in this video clip inviting men to come to you for lessons.

Minister, I was deeply disturbed to hear the kind of solution that you are proffering in an effort to deal with the scourge of girl child defilement or molestation by men. 

It is irresponsible of your office to stand before the nation and tell us that these barbaric atrocities against our young girls can be solved by your cheap suggestions.

Do you realise Minister, that molestation during the formative years of a child damages that person for life. Most people who have been molested before have problems even to settle in their marriages.

Both men and women who have been defiled or molested when they were young carry this unbearable baggage for the rest of their lives. I feel like it is so insensitive to the many thousands who have suffered this ordeal to hear that all what your office can do, with all the resources and power that it wields is to proffer such a shallow solution. This is not a laughing matter. Real lives are being destroyed. Get serious and go back to the nation and proffer real practical solutions to deal with this scourge.

I therefore recommend that you include the following principles when you are developing your curriculum for men:

What every father should teach his son

1. Teach your son the power of the will – he should be strong in his decisions. He should live by principles and truth.

2. Teach your son to always take responsibility and assist the women. To be kind and protective of the ladies around his sphere of influence.

3. Teach your son that respect will not come to him automatically. It must be earned. He must multiply the good that he does.

4. Teach your son the importance of hard work.

5. Teach your son that he should be the best everywhere. That he should strive to be the best. To be the head and not the tail.

6. Teach your son that life is an opportunity. Teach your son that opportunities are everywhere. Never believe that there are no opportunities in life.

7. Teach your son to discover his calling; his promised land. Teach him to live for the Kingdom of God and to bring the Kingdom of God to that promised land.

8. Teach your son to always give more than is required. Always go the extra mile.

9. Teach your son that his word is his bound – he should do what he says.

10. Teach your son the laws of money.

11. Teach your son not to be an excuse giver – teach him not to engage in self-pity.

12. Teach your son to always take responsibility.

13. Teach your son never to become an oppressor of the weak. Teach him always to be an up lifter of the weak.

14. Teach your son that everything is possible for him also.

I believe these lessons are self-explanatory and easy to understand. 

The problem with the solution in your video clip is that, it is like trying to extinguish fire with petrol. If men do such horrible acts because older women decline their proposal, it is an indication of moral decadence. Teach men morals and values. We will have stable and respectable personalities.

However, Madam Minister, I am your favorite supporter. You have done great work since you started serving in public office. You are strong, resolute and you always stand on the side of the oppressed and marginalised. You always try to uphold truth even when you are in the minority. Continue doing the great work serving the people of Malawi.

Finally, let me unreservedly apologise upfront if in the event that the video clip was not authored by your office and in your official capacity. I totally withdraw this letter and declare it null and void. But in the absence of such this letter stands.

God bless our nation.

Concerned citizen,

Kingsley Chisale