Vibing to Eli Njuchi's 'Gu Gu Gu'

Eli Njuchi

Kulinji entertainment reporter, Bridgitta Flao shares her first listen review to song of the moment, Eli Njuchi's 'Gu Gu Gu'.

I never thought I would be submitting an opinion piece for my publication, never! But here goes nothing.

The first time I ever encountered the name Eli Njuchi, was on the social media platform Twitter. Every time I would hear it, my mind would potentially shut it out or dismiss it because I was convinced it was all hype. You know with the issue of paid influencers and all.

After getting a feel of his music, I was convinced that the hype was worth it and that it should be beyond that. If you have had a chance to see Eli perform live, you will agree he oozes a kind of a different vibe and energy.

As time goes by, the realisation that the kid is mad talented hits you. He is definitely beyond the hype, he delivers and lives up to his name. A real representation of ‘young, gifted and black'.

For the past two hours or so, on every social media platform that I am on you can feel the appreciation, the feel good mood, the fire emojis that people are using, the compliments and the comments.

Eli Njuchi

In our modern day slang people are giving Eli Njuchi his flowers for sure. To say that he deserves them would be an understatement. 'Gugugu' is literally on everyone’s lips.

Not only does the song have a catchy beat, as always he has delivered on the lyrics.

He has captured our hearts again, I have the song on repeat, sure others do too. I would say that Eli Njuchi is the “LOML” you meet after kissing frogs and you are in disbelief. The kind that makes you have the “where have you been all my life" kind of conversations.

The visuals have been toppled with an energetic dancing and creative choreography. One that people would associate with a video on international platforms such a channel O.


Eli Njuchi

What makes it more interesting is this masterpiece has been put together by young creative minds. Personally came across Hendrix, when he was shooting my cousin's wedding and his work speaks for him.

Shout out to him for putting out excellent visuals through and through. As for Viny Visuals, well he is definitely on his way up.

Mad talent, What a time to be alive!!! What a future for the Malawian creative industry!!!