Carnage in Blantyre

The carnage pictures by Bernard Sulani

One person has died and several others have been injured following a road accident at Kudya in Blantyre.

The accident involved two trucks and two minibuses on Monday afternoon.

Blantyre Police Spokesperson, Peter Mchiza, confirmed the development but said more details will be communicated later.

Bernard Sulani, an eye witnesses told that a 10-tonne truck loaded with concrete blocks failed to brake.

The carnage

Sulani explained they could visibly see the truck had lost control. "The truck must have been a hydraulic brakes."

"The brakes literally were not working, he started honking but unfortunately there was a blue minibus in front.

"Then truck hit the blue minibus which hit another minibus, a white one.

"The white minibus then hit another truck which was in front of it but being a big body machine it wasn't that affected.

The other bus

Sulani went on to explain the truck then hit and killed on the spot a person by cutting him in two.

"It was gruesome, I don't think I'll eat today," Sulani said.