Road connectivity to Lower Shire back on Wednesday

inspection of a cut off
  • Power resumption by Feb 5

The Malawi Roads Authority says it expects to reconnect the Lower Shire to Blantyre by the close of business on Wednesday February 2, 2022 following the devastating Tropical Storm ANA that cut it off.

Engineer Florence Ndenguma, Director of Maintenance, giving the RA’s report to the Department of Disaster Management Affairs explained the road was cut off in seven sections.

“Road’s Authority works are on going to connect the sections. We know how crucial road is to supply and delivery of food, medicine, banking and other services," she said.

Engineer Ndenguma
Engineer Ndenguma making making her report

In her report, Ndeguma pointed out they have restored five sections that were cut off and that they will be accessible.

She disclosed Top Range civil engineering has been contracted to do the restoration works.

“It’s a main road, a hub and everything was cut."

She added the Malawi Defence Force prioritised it.x b 

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Engineer Ndeguma also emphasized partners such as Illovo came through at Belewu to restore one lane.

“These are temporal works to allow accessibility. Actual estimates could not be made due to the high water rise and now they have gone to assess.

"A report will be available by the end of the week.”

On power restoration, Irene Matola, Senior Engineer Operations Sourthern region for Electricity Supply Corporation made assurances to by February 5th, the Lower Shire should have electricity.

Engineer Matola
Engineer Matola giving her report

“The 132kv line works are undergoing repair and should be up by February 5th. Major problems are falling materials across the Shire river. 

“There was great damage to the main power line to Nchalo from Kapichila due to nine collapsed towers and they have not started repairing them due to challenges they are facing.”

Escom is also facing power generations and power supply challenges due to clogging, speed of running water at Electricity Generating company where they buy the power that led to a national blackout and now load shedding.

Enginer Matola shed a light of hope as she told the Commissioner some conductors have been fred and that Nchalo and Dyelafu have some power.