Former RBM governor Kabambe arrested

Malawi's immediate past Central Bank governor Dalitso Kabambe has been arrested.

Kabambe, a member of opposition Democratic Progressive Party has…

Shocking: At least 1000 girls defiled in 2021

At least 1,000 girls were reported to have been defiled in the first half of 2021 alone, according to Malawi Police records.

Deputy Inspector…

Police still have no clue on albino market

Malawi Police Services has said they do not have a clue as regards to the market for bones of persons with albinism.

Speaking at a briefing in the…

Bushiri has been to SA thrice since fleeing-SA media

South Africa's City Press reported that Bushiri had been in South Africa three times since his escape last year.

Women Lawyers want physically abusive step mum prosecuted

Women Layers Association (WLA) in Malawi has condemned a recent physical assault of a young woman by her step mother.

The condemnation come as…