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Court fines woman for sharing explicit content on social media


The Limbe Senior Resident Magistrate’s Court has ordered a 38-year-old woman, Mercy Majawa to pay a fine of K200,000 or in default serve a two months’ jail term for her involvement in the sharing of an explicit video clip of a fellow woman on social media.

Limbe Police Public Relations Officer, Aubrey Singanyama said the Majawa was apprehended on May 7, 2023 around Khama Trading Centre in Machinjiri Township following a complaint lodged at Khama Police Unit.

“Detectives swiftly acted upon the complaint, which alleged that Majawa had shared a nude video clip of a local business woman from the same area. The court heard through state prosecutor Inspector Grace Kanjiwa that the convict distributed the explicit video clip on church and school WhatsApp groups,” said Singanyama.

Singanyama added that during her appearance in court, Majawa pleaded not guilty and denied any wrong-doing which forced the state to parade two witnesses.

He said: “In her mitigation, Majawa asked for a lenient sentence, saying she is the first offender and that she takes care of nine orphans.”

However, in her submission, Kanjiwa, prayed for a meaningful sentence to deter would-be offenders, arguing that the offense committed was demeaning to women and that the convict’s action did not tally with her age.

Passing sentence, Senior Resident Magistrate Sajida Maiden ordered Majawa to pay a fine of K200, 000, or in default serve a two-months term in imprisonment with hard labour.

Majawa who has since paid the fine hails from Magombo Village in the area of Traditional Authority Machinjiri in Blantyre District.


Woman arrested for raping teenage boy in Nkhata Bay


A 34-year-old woman, Olivia Phiri has been arrested in Nkhata Bay District for allegedly raping a 17-year-old boy.

Confirming the arrest on Tuesday, Spokesperson for Nkhata Bay Police, Kondwani James said that the woman, is believed to have committed the offence on Sunday evening at Lisale Trading Centre in the district.

"It is reported that the suspect, who hails from Namaja Village in Mulanje District, is a neighbor to the victim, and on the said day, she asked him to escort her to an unknown destination.

When they were some miles away from the village, however, Phiri reportedly forced the boy into a bush and raped him," said James.

He said Phiri was arrested after the parents of the boy reported the matter to police.

A medical report from Nkhata Bay District Hospital confirmed that the boy's private parts were injured as a result of forced sexual intercourse.

Phiri has since been charged with having sexual intercourse with a male child under the age of 18, contrary to Section 138 Sub Section 2 of the Penal Code and is expected to appear in court soon. 

Chisomo Ngulube

nine years imprisonment for housebreaking and theft


Mangochi Second Grade Magistrate Court has sentenced Kimu Davie ,49, to nine years imprisonment with hard labour after the court found him guilty of house breaking and theft contrary to Section 309(a) and 278 of penal code.

State Prosecutor Amos Mwase told the court on Thursday that the convict broke into the house of Ellen Naura and stole property  amounting to K751,000.

“On 19th February, when Mrs Naura went to church, the convict broke and entered the victim's house at St. John's Girls Primary School and stole one Lenovo laptop, Ecco plasma TV screen, one radio receiver, K86,000 cash and other items all valued to K751, 000,” said Mwase

Mwase also added that the police have recovered a Laptop and the Ecco Plasma from the one who bought the stolen items in the same district.

After the victim reported the case to Chimwala Police Unit, the police arrested the convict on the same day and he was later taken to Mangochi Police station.

Davie pleaded guilty to the charges and this prompted the court to convict him upon his own plea of guilty.

In submission, Mwase asked the court to grant Davie stiffer punishment saying, the offences were felonies and were on the increase in the district, adding that the convict planned very well to commit the offence. 

In mitigation the convict asked the court for leniency saying that he was first offender apart from being a bread winner in his family.

Passing the sentence, Second Grade Magistrate, Baxter Chikalimba said such offences bring fear to the public and this calls for custodial sentence.

“Such offences are rampant in Mangochi such that business people, foreigners and civil servants are becoming victims and these offences create fear and trauma among victims,” Chikalimba said, adding that the offenses committed are felonies

He therefore sentenced Davie to 81 months for the first count of house breaking and 27 months for the second count and that the sentence should run concurrently.

Kimu Davie comes from Chilunda Village, in the area of Traditional Authority Chimwala in Mangochi district.




Student commits suicide in Mwanza


A Form Four student in Mwanza has committed suicide by hanging himself to a mango tree branch in a maize garden at Benjamini Village in the area of Inkosi Kanduku Maseko in the district.

Mwanza Police Station Deputy Spokesperson Hope Kasakula has confirmed the development saying the boy was found hanging to a tree in a maize garden located near the school where he has been learning on Sunday afternoon. 

 “He was found by community members who informed the police.

“When medical examinations were conducted it was confirmed that the boy died due to suffocation as a result of strangulation,” said Kasakula.

He said it is not clear as to why the boy killed himself as investigations are underway.

Some rumours from unconfirmed sources indicate the deceased recently impregnated a fellow student, a development which they claim left him depressed.

Source: Brian Wasili, Mana

Irene Kayira

Two arrested for possession of a pistol and 70 live ammunition


Lilongwe Police Station on Wednesday February 15 has a arrested two suspects for being found in possession of offensive weapon (pistol) and 70 live ammunition without a permit at bwemba roadblock, Chinsapo in capital city.


Speaking with Malawi News Agency, Lilongwe Police Station Public Relations Officer Hastings Chigalu said the suspects have been identified as 20 year old Mussa Daudi and 43 year old Isaac Cheruka.


He said on the said date, the station detectives under the Kalikiliki Investigation Team (KIT) were on intelligence gathering patrols around Chinsapo location where they received a tip-off that a certain person was offering for sale a pistol.

He added that the team used the books well as one officer posed as a potential buyer who successfully approached and agreed to meet at Civo stadium for money to exchange hands.

“However at 14,00hrs just before the suspects could make it to the deal, the law enforcers ambushed them at bwemba Roadblock where the vehicle they were travelling in was intercepted,” he said.

He said upon searching the detectives came across the BNX075 pistol and 70 live ammunition hidden in the bag. 

“Meanwhile investigations are ongoing to examine the weapon and establish as to how and where they got the dangerous items,” Chigalu said.

He said Mussa and Daud and Isaac Cheruka who is an ex police officer will appear in court soon to answer applicable charges.

Mussa Daud hails from Mtalika village, traditional authority Nsamala Balaka district while Isaac Cheruka hails from Chipezeni village traditional authority Njolomole in Ntcheu district.

Fostino Mkandawire

Girl 6 electrocuted in Salima


A six year-old standard one learner at Kambwiri Primary School has died after being electrocuted in Salima  district.


The deceased has been identified as Sarah Gift, from Malapa Village in Traditional Authority Kambwiri in the district.


According to Salima Police Public Relations Officer Jacob Khembo, in the morning of January 17, 2023 while at school,  the girl went outside the classroom to drink water at the nearby borehole.

"In the process, she mistakenly touched an earth wire which is connected to a faulty electric pole and she fell down, unconscious," he said.

She was rushed to Salima District Hospital where she was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Postmortem conducted at the same hospital revealed that the minor died due to electric shock.

Aliko Munde-Mana

Teen brothers arrested for murder



A 19-year-old student, Bless Nyirenda died on Friday at Mzuzu Central Hospital due to head injuries after being assaulted by two teenage brothers.

According to Mzimba Police Spokesperson, Sub Inspector Peter Botha, Nyirenda who was in Form 3 at Kamilaza Community Day Secondary School in Mzimba and the duo brothers picked up a quarrel at Kamilaza Trading Center where they were drinking beer on Wednesday.

“The quarrel ended up into a fight between Nyirenda and the two brothers. They overpowered Nyirenda as they heavily assaulted him using blunt objects in the head,” said Botha.

He said that well-wishers rescued Nyirenda, who later went to the Police before going to Mzimba District Hospital where he was treated as an outpatient.

"On Thursday, the condition got worse and was taken back to Mzimba District Hospital but was referred to Mzuzu Central Hospital where he died while receiving treatment on Friday," he said.

The two brothers have since been arrested and will appear before court soon to answer murder charges, which is contrary to section 209 of the penal code.

In a related development, Mzimba Police is on a man hunt for suspected assailants who murdered an elderly man, Jobin Munthali on Thursday at Euthini in Mzimba District.

Botha said that Munthali was found lying lifeless in a field by a woman who went to work in the field and reported the matter to Police.

Botha indicated that medical reports reveal that both Munthali and Nyirenda died due to head injuries secondary to assault.

Nyirenda hailed from Daudi Ziyanyumbo Village in the area of Traditional Authority (TA) M'mbelwa while Munthali was from Zoto Village under TA Chindi both in Mzimba District.




Ugandan arrested in Mangochi for possessing 3 fire arms


Ngapani Police Unit in Mangochi has arrested a 23-year-old Ugandan, Mwenyi Abdallah for allegedly being found in possession of a revolver and two pistols with no authentic documents at Kwisimba Village in Traditional Authority Katuli.

Mangochi Police Station Public Relations Officer, Sub Inspector Amina Tepani Daudi confirmed the arrest, saying Sable Farming Company workers at Ngapani tipped the police that Abdallah who only communicated in English was spotted loitering around the estate and raised suspicions.

Daudi added that police officers from Ngapani rushed to arrest the Ugandan who was on his way to the estate's workshop while carrying a bag around his waist and he told the police (upon questioning) that he was a tailor who had just arrived in the area and was intending to open a tailoring school at Kwisimba Trading Centre.

She said this prompted the police to search his house on December 6 where the officers found two sewing machines and two bags. 

Daudi said as one of the police officers was about to search the bags, Abdallah produced a revolver ready to shoot but was swiftly overpowered and disarmed.

"Searching his house, the police found two pistols, 54 live ammunitions for the pistols, nine live ammunitions for the revolver and Ugandan passport," she added.

Daudi said the police are currently carrying out investigations to establish his motives for loitering around the estate and for choosing to settle along the Malawi - Mozambique Border at Katuli area.

Don Dungwi

Social media fuelling suicide in Malawi


Mental health expert, Donald Salamba, has attributed the rising cases of suicide to social media's sensationalisation of the issue.

According to Salamba, some media platforms are handling the issue childishly and are taking pleasure in the misconduct.

"Imagine, reporting how someone committed suicide. That is not acceptable. We don't need to sensationalise the issue," he said.

Salamba, a mental health consultant counsellor, urged social media administrators to stop reporting on the issue if curtailing the pandemic is to be achieved.

"The human nature is very complex. Others would commit suicide because they heard that someone had committed suicide to escape a minor problem than their's," he added.

Statistics from the Malawi police show that over 200 people have committed suicide this year alone.


Teacher hangs himself


A 34-year-old teacher has committed suicide by hanging in a tree on Sunday at Chazanga village, Traditional Authority Nyoka in Mchinji.

Mchinji Police Station Officer, Charles Mpezeni has identified the deceased as Dennis Banda who was working as a teacher at Kangwere F.P School.

Mpezeni said the deceased had marital problems with his wife as such he decided to leave the house and stay on his own.

“Later on 05th November the deceased found a house which he was expected to move in on Sunday 06th November but in the morning of the same day he was found hanging in a tree with a cloth and his bicycle was left nearby the tree where he hanged himself” said Mpezeni.

The matter was reported to police where scene of crime was visited but the body had already been removed from the tree and upon a thorough search a suicide note was found in the deceased pocket with a message that he had committed suicide due to marital problems..

Mpezeni said the deceased hailed from Chazanga village, Traditional Authority Nyoka in Mchinji district.

RIP Detective Buba!

Detective Buba


A dark cloud has engulfed Area 30 in Lilongwe, sending Constables, Corporals, Inspectors in a sombre mood following the sudden death of Detective Buba, a police dog who nailed one of the most sosphicated Chinese nertworks of Lin Huang that was responsible for plundering Malawi of it's precious wildlife.

Detective Buba, the holder of a diploma in detective work nailed the Chinese syndicates after he sniffed articles of ivory at the house of Lin Huang. This was after human detectives had miserably failed to detect the ivory. The brilliant dog uncovered scores and scores of ivory products and sent the Chinese into the hands of the Security agents!

The handler of detective Buba testified during the trial how Buba discovered the ivory articles. He sent the court into laughter when he revealed that detective Buba was going to pursue a degree in detective work after the arrest. The whole Court room went into laughter almost clapping hands for detective Buba.

Detective Buba has died at the youthful age of 6 years. He helped to bring down one of the most feared syndicates that had been plundering Malawi of wildlife products. The King pin Lin Huang is currently serving a 7 year jail sentence at Mzuzu Prison. She was brought down by a well coordinated string that included Financial intelligence Authority, Police and MRA.

It is not clear if President Chakwera is going to give a medal of honor to Detective Buba for his role in the arrest and dismantling of the Lin Huang nertworks. According to sources, Detective Buba died after a short illness.

Rest in peace the good detective!!!!


Woman fined for illegal possession of Indian hemp


The Mwanza Senior Resident Magistrate's Court has convicted and sentenced Jacqueline Mofolo, 38, to pay K100,000.00 fine in default to spend two months in jail for possessing Indian hemp without a licence.

The court heard through state prosecutor, Sub Inspector Kenneth Chatsalira that Mofolo was arrested on October 2, 2022 at Mwanza Border Post after she was found with six kilogrammes of the illicit drug.

Chatsalira said Mofolo appeared in court on October 6 and pleaded guilty and admitted to the charge of possession of chamba without license.A

In mitigation, Mofolo asked for court's leniency, claiming that she has children to take care of. In his submission, Chatsalira asked the court to give the convict a stiffer punishment as a deterrent to others.

Passing sentence, Senior Resident Magistrate Sajda Maiden concurred with the state; hence, sentenced Mofolo to pay K100,000.00 in default to serve two months imprisonment with hard labour.

Mofolo has since paid the fine.

Mofolo comes from Mtila Village in the area of Traditional Authority Sitola in Machinga.


Court convicts pastor of rape


The Mangochi Senior Resident Magistrate Court on Friday convicted Pastor for Kapiri Living Waters Church in Mangochi, Edward Sankera, of raping an18 year old girl without her consent and thereafter revoked the bail the convict was granted.

Senior Resident Magistrate Rodrick Michongwe said the victim disclosed in the court during previous hearing that Sankera had sex with her four separate times last year as this was contrary to Section 133 of the Penal Code.

“Between March and April 2021, Sankera had sex with the victim at Kapile Village in Mangochi without her consent while his wife was attending overnight prayers and he threatened her never to reveal to anyone,” he said.

Michongwe said in the court that Prophet Gonda, a member of the Kapiri Living Waters Church also testified in court.

"Prophet Gonda said he approached the victim after noting that she looked unhappy and was not actively participating in the Church's praise team at the Kapiri Living Waters Church and this prompted the victim to disclose to him that Sankera had been having sex with her,” the Magistrate said, adding that it was Gonda that advised the victim to report the issue to the Church leadership.

According to Michongwe, the church later informed the victim's parents about the issue despite the other church members’ insistence that the issue be handled by the church.

The young woman was living with Sankera's family from February 2021 and returned to her parents August, 2021 when the rape issue was brought to light.

Sankera was later arrested by Mangochi Police and granted him court bail after denying the rape allegations.

However, Michongwe said that the state had proven beyond reasonable doubt that the accused had a case to answer.

He convicted Sankera of the rape charge and revoked the bail.

The State and Counsel for the accused are expected to make their submissions on the accused sentence within 10 days. 

The rape case will return to court on August 31, 2022 for the court's ruling.

Sankera comes from Manyowe area, in the area of Traditional Authority (TA) Kuntaja in Blantyre. 


Japanese, Malawian Drown in Lake Chilwa


A 60-year-old Japanese national, Ichiro Imai and a Malawian John Juwawo, have on August 19, 2022 drowned in the waters of Lake Chilwa in Zomba.

According to Zomba Police Station Public Relations Officer (PRO), Patricia Sipiliano, it was reported that the late Japanese national was a fisheries sociologist and has been coming to Malawi periodically for studies where as Juwawo was a fisheries officer.

The two, on August 16, in company of other people went to Chinguma and Ngotangota fishing docks for their studies using a fisheries boat.

After their studies on August 19, the team opted to return where they encountered heavy winds that capsized their boat.

Efforts to rescue the team were done but the Japanese national was found dead while Juwawo is still missing. 

Meanwhile, the Marine Police officers and officers from fisheries have jointly instituted investigations on the missing individual. 

The body of Imai is currently at Zomba Central Hospital Mortuary.





The Mangochi Senior Resident Magistrates Court on Tuesday sentenced Chiko Vasco, 70, to 10 years imprisonment with hard labour (IHL) for raping and impregnating a 30-year-old woman who came to seek medical attention.

Mangochi Police Station, Prosecutor Sub-Inspector, Maggie Chibulire told the court that in October 2021, the victim developed mental disorder after she had miscarried and was taken to him as a well-known traditional healer in Mangochi.

She told the court that the woman was treated for four months and that by April 2022, the woman was showing signs of recovery.

The convict informed her parents of their K80,000 bill.

But parents negotiated to pay the amount in installments, which angered Vasco who moved the victim to another location and declared her as his second wife.

“On July 13, 2022 the parents sourced the whole amount and went to take their daughter only to discover that she was pregnant and the victim revealed that he had been raping her and was responsible for the pregnancy,” Chibulire added.

Vasco pleaded guilty and admitted to the charge which prompted the state to convict him on his own plea of guilty.

Chibulire asked the court to give Vasco a stiffer punishment saying what he did was immoral and criminal and has dented the image of traditional healers.

In mitigation, Vasco pleaded with the court for leniency on account that he looks after his family and if given a stiffer penalty his family would suffer.

Senior Resident Magistrate, Rodrick Michongwe said Vasco took advantage of the victim’s vulnerability as such he must be given a stiffer punishment to serve as a lesson to other would-be offenders.

Michongwe sentenced Vasco who hails from Kadango Village in Traditional Authority (TA) Namabvi in the district to 10 years IHL.

Source: Mana

Noel Mkwaila

Woman Arrested for Killing daughter in Blantyre


Twenty four-year-old Mercy Banda has been arrested by police in Blantyre for allegedly killing her 7-year-old daughter, Dingile Banda.

It is reported that the suspect committed the offence on Saturday at Chilobwe Township in the city.

“The deceased developed skin cancer and the suspect went to a nearby pharmacy to buy medicine for her. On her return, it is alleged that she noticed unusual signs on the child who had her eyes protruding and swollen mouth,” says Blantyre Police Deputy Public Relations Officer, Aubrey Singanyama who adds that this angered the suspect, who slapped the deceased.

Singanyama says, upon being slapped, late Dingile fellow to the ground and became unconscious after having her neck also twisted by her mother.

“The suspect’s mother took the deceased to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital where she was pronounced dead upon arrival,” said the deputy PRO for Blantyre.

Police have since said the suspect will answer murder charges in court soon.

Mercy Banda hails from Khonyoni village in the area of Traditional Authority Kaphiri in Lilongwe.


Pemphero Mpinganjira

Police nets 58 over various offences

Malawi Police logo


Police in Limbe on 14 June 2022, placed in custody 58 suspected lawbreakers.

The suspects (identities withheld) were apprehended in a sweeping exercise conducted within Limbe policing area.

Public Relations Officer for Limbe Police Station, Inspector Patrick Mussa confirmed of the arrest.

“The suspects have been charged with offenses of found in possession of Cannabis sativa without permission, operating a bar without a license, and idle and disorderly.

“They will appear in court soon to answer charges leveled against them,” Mussa said.

Mussa further said the exercise is ongoing, aiming at suppressing criminal activities within Limbe policing area


Ex-convict arrested soon after release


Police in Mangochi have arrested ex-convict, Abdul Imani, 38, for defiling a 12-year-old girl barely a day after his release from a seven-year imprisonment for robbery, Malawi News Agency has learnt.

Mangochi Police Public Relations Officer, Sub Inspector Amina Tepani Daudi, confirmed the arrest of Imani, saying the ex-convict was released on June 9, 2022, but was later found on the wrong side of the law when he allegedly defiled the girl at Mpima Forest along the Peter Mutharika Highway in Mangochi on June 10.

The Mangochi Police publicist added that the girl was defiled on her way to a market to sell pumpkins when Imani stopped her in the guise of a customer and convinced the girl to follow him to his house, saying he would buy all the pumpkins.

“While passing through Mpima Forest, the suspect dragged the girl into the forest and defiled her despite screaming for help,” Daudi added.

She said passersby found the girl crying and reported the matter to Mangochi Police where the victim was issued with a referral letter to Mangochi District Hospital for medical examination that proved positive.

Sub Inspector Daudi added that police investigation was carried out and later the law enforcers arrested Imani who was identified by the victim.

Imani, who comes from Kalonga Village in Traditional Authority Mponda in Mangochi, has been charged with defilement contrary to Section 138 of the Penal Code and will appear before court soon.

Pemphero Mpinganjira

Man electrocuted in BT

Electrocuted man


As vandalism cases of Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM) properties are on the rise, a man in Blantyre (unidentified) has been electrocuted while trying to vandalize an ESCOM transformer.

According to Public Relations Officer for Limbe Police, Inspector Patrick Mussa, the initial findings revealed that the unknown man together with other accomplices went to vandalize the ESCOM transformer in Machinjiri Township, area 9, in the city.  

“It is alleged that while tampering with the same, he got electrocuted but his friends escaped.

“Police detectives visited the scene and found him in possession of spanners and screwdrivers,” Mussa said.

The man was later taken to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH) where he was pronounced dead.

According to Mussa, the dead body is still at the hospital's mortuary pending identification and postmortem.

Police have since warned perpetrators against the vandalism of ESCOM transformers, as they will be tracked down and brought to book.

Pemphero Mpinganjira

Chichiri prison escapee arrested

in custody -Charles Charlie


Police in Chikwawa are keeping in custody 25-year-old Charles Charlie who allegedly escaped from Chichiri prison.  

According to Police, he bolted from said facility in January this year, while serving a jail term for robbery.  

Charlie was arrested in the early hours of Sunday, June 5 2022 by Nkumaniza Police at his hiding place in Dzenje village near the Mozambique border.

Charlie, who in an interrogation, admitted the offense, will be taken to court for escaping from lawful custody.

Meanwhile, the Police have stated that communications with Chichiri prison have been made for identification.

Charlie hails from Kambelengende village, Traditional Authority Tengani in Nsanje.