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Mirriam Singini

Dowa female police officers commended to love another


By: Mirriam Singini

Female police officers in Dowa have been asked to love one another if they are to excel in their daily duties.

The officer in charge for the station deputy commissioner Rhoda Manjolo made the opinions during a meeting organized for female police officers aimed at instilling discipline amongst female police officers on Wednesday 7th April.

Speaking during the meeting, the officer in-charge stressed the need for female police officers to love one another and avoid in indulging in immoral behaviors such as gossiping.

On her part, one of the female police officers based at Mvera Police sub-inspector Maureen Nyondo said the meeting had come at the right time in ensuring that true love exist among female police officers hence enhancing professional skills.

According to the statement released by Dowa police Public relations officer Gladson M,bumpha, the deputy commissioner Manjolo advised the female police officers to work as a team for the benefit of the station and senior female police officers should be motivating junior female police officers.

Mirriam Singini

Kell Kay to ft upcoming artists in his new album


By: Mirriam Singini

Kell Kay is set to release an album titled “ndabwera ndi nkhani” and feature 10 upcoming artists from various regions of Malawi after two years down the line without releasing any new album.

Among the list released the youngsters to be featured are Devine Njuchi, Bongie Melon, Lil Vince and Mad alley from the Central region and Angie, J recks, princess multikey and inno busy from the southern region and  King Wiz, Merchah and Tremone Trun from the northen region.

Kell Kay has said that the album will be released this year and with Henwood, Tricky beats, DJ sley, Janta and GI as producers.

“ndabwera ndi nkhani album 80% done.. I really want to work with some upcoming artists.

“Unlike my previous releases which were all about love and relationships, the next album tackles social issues as well as what we face in our day to day activities in our community,” he said.

According to Kell Kay’s Facebook posts on his page says he would like to work with upcoming artists so that their talents should be discovered.


Mirriam Singini

YAS to take Chakwera to court over teachers strike


By: Mirriam Singini

Youth and Society (YAS) has threatened to drag President Lazarus Chakwera’s Tonse administration to court if it fails to resolve their difference with teachers union of Malawi (TUM).

Meanwhile, teachers in public primary, secondary and training colleges have vowed to continue with the stay away until government meets their demands.

YAS programs manager Amos Simwela disclosed the expansion during a press briefing held on Wednesday in Mzuzu.

According to Simwela, the stay away is affecting innocent children whose absolute right to education is provided for in the constitution of Malawi.

This has come to light as teachers are on a stay away strike asking government to cover them up with appropriate personal protective equipment in cash coasted package as a once off payment covering three months.

Lea Malimbasa

Voters trickle in to polling centres in Zomba

Voting in Zomba Changalume


Voters are trickling in to vote for a Palriamentary candidate in Zomba Changalume.

The turn out has been as follows so far:

Namadidi Polling Centre:

Registered voters: 1762

460 have voted

Namadidi Primary School Polling Centre:
Registered Voters 1429
454 have already voted

Thondwe Agriculture EPA Centre: 
1836 Total Registered voters
332 have voted so far

Chisomo Ngulube

Minibus operators block Mangochi-Liwonde road

Tear gas


People using Mangochi-Liwonde road were stuck as minibus drivers and conductors put up 'roadblocks' along the way.

According to one of the drivers the closing of the roads was due to the increment in  fuel prices.

"They have increased our tax, we are paying the tax of 16 people instead of 8, this is really killing us," he said.

Some passengers also expressed worry over the strike saying it was delaying them. 

The protests  started in the wee hours of Monday, in Mangochi at forest.

There were running battle between police, minibus drivers and conductors.

Police has since used teargas to disperse them.

Mayamiko Majawa

MEC chairperson visits some polling centres in Mangochi

Chifundo Kachale, MEC


Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) chairperson Chifundo Kachale has visited four polling centres in Mangochi West Constituency.

Kachale has visited Malembo, Chamtulo, Thema and Cholumba centers and has expressed satisfaction with the voting process so far.

Godfrey Maotcha

Archbishop Ziyaye dies



Archbishop Tarsizius Ziyaye of the Lilongwe Diocese of the Catholic Church has died.

According to a statement from the Episcopal Conference of Malawi, Archbishop Ziyaye died this morning in Namibia where he was receiving medical treatment.

Details are to be announced later.

Kulinji Reporter

Voters trickle to polling stations in Lilongwe North West

Voting in Lilongwe North West


Voting is underway in Lilongwe North West Constituency where six candidates are vying to occupy President Lazarus Chakwera's Parliamentary seat.

The contenders are; Mphatso Boti - Malawi Congress Party, Blessings Bokola – Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), Njelengo Cristopher Nolex – Mbakuwaku Movement for Democracy (MMD) and independent candidates Goodwell Ndiwo Banda, Bryson Majoni and Chimwemwe Kameta.

There were initially seven candidates but one independent candidate Deborah Mitawah withdrew from the race two weeks ago.

A  snap survey of six centres showed low turnout as of 10 am.

The centres visited included Malembo primary school, Sendwe, Pathungo, Mbandanga, Chazozoma and Kazumba.

 In an interview, Malawi Electoral Commission Commissioner Olivia Liwewe sounded optimistic.

"We have some substantial queues so it is a good start but hopefully we will see more people in the afternoon coming to vote and as MEC we would also like to urge people to maintain peace," said Liwewe.

Polling centres will close at 6 pm, thereafter results will be counted at each station and then sent to the District Commissioner for the tallying of the total votes for the constituency.

The by-election is being held following the resignation of legislator for the area Lazarus Chakwera before his election as President of Malawi on June 23.

Source: Josh Mphanda, MEC Stringer

High voter turnout in Karonga Central

Karonga Central


Voting has started on a high note in Karonga Central Constituency where five candidates are contesting to replace Dr. Cornelius Mwalwanda who succumbed to COVID-19 a few months ago.

As early as 05: 30am, there were long queues of people at Mwenilondo, Lupembe, Lughali and Mlare Polling centres waiting for their turns to cast a vote.

According to National Initiative for Civic Education (NICE) Public Trust regional civic education officer Vincent Kalawa, the turn up is good and encouraging.

"We are impressed with the turn up," Kalawa said.

The five candidates are: Leonard Mwalwanda of MCP, Ernest Mwalughali of DPP, UTM Party Frank Mwenifumbo, independent candidate Mary Florence Nthakomwa and Mbakuwaku Movement for Development's Nellie Sichali.

Independent candidate Nthakomwa already cast her vote at 06.30 am while UTM Party candidate Frank Mwenifumbo voted at 09.45 am at Mwenilondo polling centre.

About 16,180 are expected to vote today to elect their August House representative in the closely contested election. 

Voting will close at 6pm this evening.

By Jordan Semeon Phiri, MEC Stringer


Elijah Phompho

Voting underway in CK, UTM candidates casts her ballot

UTM candidate


With voting underway at most poling centers in  Chikwawa, the  UTM candidate for the Makhwira South ward by-election Fransisca Nyaunguru has voted at Nyangu Primary School Poling Center.

Casting her vote at exactly 9am, Nyanguru said she is so far impressed with the voting progress as no challenge has been registered.

However, presiding officer for Nyangu Primary School Poling center Kingstone Mara described the turn out as not being impressive, three hours after opening the center. Mara was however optimistic of incresed turn out during the day as most people are expected to have concluded their farming activities.

Queues up
Nyanguru queues up to vote. Photos by Elijah Phompho, MEC Stringer

Fransisca Nyanguru is among three female contestants for Makhuwira South ward including Lenita Austine of MCP, and Mary Lennison independent.

Other contestants for the area are Henry Tambu of DPP and Isaik Odges of UDF.

Makhwira South ward fall vacant following the demise of the fomer ward councillor for the area Manick Gannet.

Gladys Nthenda

Justice Kachali finds Uladi Mussa guilty

Uladi Mussa


Former Minister of Homeland Uladi Mussa has  been convicted on charges of using public office for the advantage of another  against corrupt practices act, neglectful of duty and altering of false documents.

Delivering of the Sentence will be done on 22 October, 2020.

The judgement was delivered by Justice Chifundo Kachale at the High Court in Lilongwe.

He has been convicted along with former Regional immigration officer David Kwanjana.

Another co-accused, Peter Katasa has been found guilty of altering false document. The court has acquitted two other foreign nationals.

Pemphero Musowa

HRDC to meet Chakwera over cabinet appointments



Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) has sought an audience with President Lazarus Chakwera to present grievances by Malawians over his 31-member cabinet appointments.

HRDC said more people are baffled as the appointments are appeasing, nepotistic and regionalistic in nature.

Gift Trapence, leader of the rights grouping that led demonstrations which toppled the Mutharika government said they are compiling the people's concerns to present.

HRDC cordinator Luke Tembo said they have been receiving calls since yesternight concerning the new cabinet.

"Most people are concerned with the composition of the new cabinet and issues concerning the absence of the Gender Ministry, families that are included as husband and wife, brother and sister and concentration of members of one region," he said.

He further said as Human Rights Defenders they are very privileged to have been invited by the President and will take that as a platform to relate people's concern about new cabinet.

Tembo added he is hopeful they have a listening President who will take into consideration concerns raised and that at the end of today they expect the concerns will be addressed.

"Those people who express their concerns about this new cabinet are the Malawians, experts, lawyers and other member of the Tonse Alliance," he said.

Chisomo Ngulube

Malawi's Fresh Presidential Election: The end is nigh

88 percent of the votes


The conclusion of the Malawi's fresh presidential election is nigh as the Malawi Electoral Commission has released 88 percent of the results from 24 of Malawi's 28 districts.

With the addition of results from Dedza, Mchinji, Ntcheu, Kasungu and Karonga Malawi Congress Party president Lazarous Chakwera has consolidated his lead to 2,434,138 way ahead of Democratic Progressive Party candidate Peter Mutharika's 1,435,473 while Peter Kuwani of Mbakuwaku Movement for Development has 28,473.

The Commission is remaining with results from Chikwawa, Salima, Nkhata Bay and Thyolo.

Chisomo Ngulube

DPP-UDF officials leave main tally centre

Empty, the DPP desk


District results of the June 23 elections are still arriving at the main tally centre at College of Medicine in Blantyre.

The latest were from Mangochi and Chikwawa.

The expectation was that political party contestants would verify their seal numbers.

Still there MCP officials
Tonse Alliance officials at the Centre

But as we were publishing this post, only Tonse Alliance officials were present at COM as DPP/UTM officials who has been keeping an eye on the situation had all left.


Chisomo Ngulube

MCP withdraws case against MEC Commissioners


MCP president Lazurus Chakwera was granted leave to commence judicial review proceedings to review the appointment of Commissioner Nanthuru, Commissioner Duwa. Commissioner Mathanga and Commissioner Kunje.

But the Malawi Electoral Commission says it has been informed that the matter has been withdrawn.

"The Commission has felt compelled to inform you about this development, because, it arose in one of the questions from the press," said MEC chairperson justice Chifundo Kachale

Chisomo Ngulube

MEC dismisses Kuwani's complaint

MEC Chairperson


The Malawi Electoral Commission has dismissed a complaint from Malawi's fresh presidential election candidate Peter Kuwani in which he was seeking the nullification of the candidature of his two fellow contestants.

Kuwani wanted MEC to nullify the candidature of Democratic Progressive Party president Peter Mutharika and Malawi Congress Party president Lazarous Chakwera for featuring running mates different from the ones they had in the 2019 election.

The MMD president argued that the two political parties did not adhere to the Malawi Supreme Court of Appeal (MSCA) ruling that stated that political parties whose rights were injured by the Conduct of the Commission were the ones to contest.

“Basing on the fact, point of law and MSCA consequential directions and recommendations on candidates, MEC should nullify the candidature for Dr Lazarous Chakwera and Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika for being reconstituted.

“It is apparent that  MSCA consequential directions and recommendations as regards to candidates should be in tandem to consequential directions and recommendations on voters’ roll,” says the letter signed by its President Kuwani.

He went on to argue that if indeed Chakwera and Mutharika won the elections, because they had winning teams, why are they changing their running mates.

“Unless legally proven or directed otherwise, Peter Sinosi, Driver Kuwani is the sole candidate who fully adopted the MSCA consequential directions and recommendations for the presidential election," he claimed.

But in its determination on the matter, MEC argued that Kuwani has failed to justify his claim.

It said: "The Commission has come up with its determination on the matter which has been transmitted to the complainant. Briefly the Commision has found that Mr.Kuwani has failed to make a valid claim to justify the nullification of the candidature of Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika and Dr. Lazarus Chakera. Therefore, Mr. Kuwani’sc complaint has been dismissed."


Pemphero Musowa

Defense force to shoot on site anyone trailing voter results cars



Malawi Defense Force General Namathanga, reiterated the mandate of MDF is to ensure election is conducted is peaceful, secure and stakeholders to refrain from any action jeorpidizing the process.

He said they will not allow anyone to block escorting officers to tally centres saying MDF officers are armed and will use any measure as thwart off who ever they seem an adversely.

"We will jealousy guard peoples votes. Will take measures to deter all those with ill intentions," he said.

No breaking of security measure at national tally centre. No political interference. 

Pemphero Musowa

MEC press briefing: Security

DPT Police Commissioner


Deputy Police Commissioner Noel Kayira said the police wants to give hope and trust giving an update on issues of vigilantes, disorder and criminal acts that have been happening

For the past 12 hours registered issues but in general situation peaceful. No issues of intimidation to voters, MEC stuff and material.

Security entity respondend quickly, with utmost seriousness they deserve, flow of information overwhelming, all allegations being treated wholly and information will be made public. Asked for more information to trickle in.

They continue ready and vigilant in civil disorder. Robust and great coordination among the organs.

Vigilantes remain issue of concerns, people taking law into their own hand, sometimes abuse their power.

Request the leaders to responsible organs. Mob justice makes people lose out on information.

Pemphero Musowa

MEC press briefing take aways



MEC Commissioner Dr Kachale said election voting has been generally peaceful with some unfortunate incidents but did not disturb the process.

Commission restrained itself from commenting on social media rumours but only shed light on news by Zodiak reported of Dedza woman failure to vote.

Kachale said Fatima Kafwafwa at Dedza South changed to F20 and investigations show this was true that she possibly voted in 2019.

Incorrect to say MEC changed, in preparation the voter in question went to register again. Not required to register twice but only needed a Tseries.

Sympathizes with thensaid electorate and asks people to pay full attention to their messagea. F20 is not part of the process.

Results counting has started. Gas lamps provided for lighting. Elections are an emotional issues and mistakes inevitable.

10 lawyers brought together under MEC counsel and other from Ministry of Justice in registering and submitting to the Commission.

Determination to be communicated to the public. Illegality claims will be taken including necessary action and effects of the Illegularities. Each polling station has a complaints book.

Compalinants to provide full details of the incidents and proof. Twitter, Facebook and Whatsapp or direct messaging Commissioners outed as official complaints lines.

Wants credible and transparent election and leaders should refrain from uttering statements that may upset the rallying of results.

Pemphero Musowa

UTM party bus burnt in Thyolo


Director of Security for alliance partner UTM Mr Lewis Ngalande said the party representatives were attacked by gang of unknown criminals and a minibus he was operating burnt.

Ngalande is reported to have sent a group of UTM youth members to verify availability of parties monitors around thyolo polling centers.

The members moving around in a hired Toyota hiace minibus white in colour Reg number RU 7949 driven by Christopher Emanuel age. 27 vge. Chanthunya T/A. Nsamala D.Balaka.

At around 0020 hours they were travelling from Luchenza heading Thyolo where they said they booked a rest house and upon passing by Kamponji Estate they were overtaken by 2 unregistered land cruisers that stopped infront of there vehicle.

Then unknown criminals who were almost 15 in number armed with panga knives jumped from it and started unlawfully wounded some of the members which include the driver who was wounded on the forehead head and have a deep cut.

Austin Muthanje, Andrew Ngwangwa, Patrick Naluso sustained minor injuries.

In the process the criminals robbed Ngwangwa off his two ITEL cellphones and K20000 cash from his pocket they also set ablaze there minibus.