Malawi and the United Nations Children agency (UNICEF) are testing use of drone technology to help farmers boost crop production. The landlocked country which suffers periodic crop failures and is prone to floods, is often in need of food and other aid.

Malawi's government and various United Nations agencies are using the country's drone testing corridor to test drone assessments of crop health in the region.

The United Nations Children agency (UNICEF) and other agencies are currently using the drones to capture aerial imagery of crops.

The information will then be analysed to identify types of crops, the yield and health, as well as whether crops have been damaged by drought or pests.

The data is checked against a ground survey, and shared with farmers. UNICEF will use the information to anticipate the nutrition needs of children.

Launched last year, the test corridor, centered at the Kasungu Aerodrome is meant to test effectiveness of drones in humanitarian emergencies and other development uses.