Chisomo Ngulube

Fri, 08/05/2020 - 10:41

Grounds of appeal too repetitive and argumentative-Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has faulted some of the grounds of appeal presented before it by the second appellants (Malawi Electoral Commission-MEC) in the presidential election appeal case.

Giving his analysis, Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda said grounds of appeal should not be repetitive but that they noticed that was the case in the appeal by the MEC which presented 137 of them.

“Many of those grounds of appeal are repetitive and argumentative. Some of them are extremely confrontational and they make unwarranted and baseless accusations of bias against the court below.

“Allegations of bias should not be lightly made, especially against a court, we emphasise. Some of the grounds were not just fictious, but clearly unprofessional and distasteful we have found them to be unnecessary numerous convoluted and embarrassing,” said the Chief Justice.

The Supreme Court began by laying ground, referring the court back to the decision of the lower Constitutional Court.