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Wed, 27/11/2019 - 23:03

James Kaunda- VAM Vice President

Confederation of African Volleyball (CAVB) Zone VI senior clubs championship is expected to be hosted in Lilongwe, Malawi from 14th to 22nd December, 2019 at African Bible College (ABC) Gymnasiums.

The games will be taking place concurrently at the Malcolm gymnasium (the old one as Hall A) and new ABC Gymnasium (As Hall B) behind Gate Way mall. Twenty teams for both gender are expected from the ten countries that make up Zone VI.

As part of preparations for the hosting of the games, Volleyball Association of Malawi (VAM) had its meeting on 12th November, 2019 at Malawi Olympic Committee offices in Lilongwe.

The meeting was attended by the following James Kaunda, Jairos Nkhoma, Kafumu Nkhoma, Tarsizio Chikaonda, Ambilike Mwangulu, Madson Mussa, Elton Ng'ombe, James Mangani, Jimmy Mtonga and Peter Pemba.

It is being reported so far that the venues have been inspected and all what is required to the standard, is being worked on.

The prizes as of now are just Trophies, medals (18 Gold; Silver snd Bronze) and miniatures for individuals awards and no cash prizes. 

Minister of Youth Development and Sports is expected to open and close the championship.

During the meeting, five subcommittees were confirmed to steer the hosting of the championship with immediate effect. These are technical; marketing and publicity; logistics and protocal; security and medical sub-committees.

The technical subcommittee is being headed by James Mangani as Technical Director. The other members are Blessings Mtuwa-Nkhata, Shupikai Nyirenda, Jairos Nkhoma, Musatero Nkhonzi, Khuma Kauwa, Temwanani Chinula, Elton Ng'ombe and Aaron Manda.

This is also expected to have sixteen local national referees (five from NRVL and SRVL respectively and six from CRVL) mainly to work as scorers and line judges, as first and second referees are expected to be international referees to be provided by Zone VI Executive Committee; twelve moppers from CRVL also to act as ball retrievers and at least five statisticians. So far Peter Pemba, George Dickie, Tracy Phiri and Trust Mtegha have already been identified.

On the other hand VAM Publicity Secretary, Ronald Mpaso and Peter Pemba will lead the Publicity and Marketing subcommittee. Members include George Dick Mbewe, Jane Mtawali, Lucy Kadzongwe and Chisomo Ngulube.

It is also worth noting that Peter Pemba was tasked to come up with various new VAM logo designs, among which, one was chosen and forwarded to National Sports Council for approval before it is launched. He was also responsible to design Zone VI Championship logo.

The third subcommittee is being lead by Robert White. The following are members; Kafumu Nkhoma, Tarsizio Chikaonda, Taonga Kalolokesya, Florence Nthakomwa, Lilien Msonthi, Fanuel Zinziye and Gershom Butao.

Medson Musa and Jimmy Mtonga to lead the security subcommittee. They are mandated to incorporate others as need be. However, King Malange was already considered.

Lastly, the medical sub committee has Lutufyo Kayange, Kelvin Zulu, Martin Hausi and Wezzie Mwafulirwa.

VAM vice president James Kaunda is pleading with the subcommittee members to be dedicated and work professionally to organising a successful championship.

"The subcommittees members must understand that they are the engine of the tournament organisation and we just come in to assist where there is a need. Let them work and organise professionally. Lets do it for our nation Malawi. We must bring exceptional experience for this Championship and raise the flag of the warm heart of Africa higher", he pleaded.

He also added by encouraging Malawian teams to prepare well and win during the games.

"Malawian teams must not only aim at participating but give us a prize by winning medals. Learning must be combined with winning. We have been learning for long. Let them not relax as the teams that are coming are also well prepared and strong. I wish all participating teams well", he added.

So far Malawian clubs are yet to win game at Zone VI Championship.


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