Vyalema Kaluluma-Phiri

Numbers of voters dwindle at polling centres

No one voting


Mzuzu Stadium Poling station is almost dry at the time of the visit at around 2 pm.

According to the Presiding officer, Chimwemwe Kanyinji, over half of the registered voters 2,299 have voted.

"We are hoping that the remaining voters will come in the afternoon before the closing time," says Kanyinji.

The center opened 10 minutes late after some party representatives delayed to report for duties.

Vyalema talks to a voter
Kaluluma Phiri talks to a voter, Godfrey Chipeta

Meanwhile, Goefrey Chipeta, 20, has expressed his happiness for taking part in the presidential election after last year's presidential election were nullified for irregularities.

"I am very happy that I have had another chance to vote for a leader who will address our challenges that includes scarcity of jobs," says Chipeta.

Pemphero Musowa

DPP distances itself from reps with voter material



Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has distanced itself from its representatives being found with voter material. 

One of its monitors, Mary Banda has been arrested in Mbalachanda, Mzimba was found with six national registration cards and voter registration certificates. 

Nicholas Dausi, the party's spokesperson said they have no clue how and why she had those in her possession.

Dausi explained they do not know the motive behind Banda having those materials.

He referred the media to Police as they are the ones investigating the matter.

Pemphero Musowa

Live: 7 DPP reps allegedly found with pre marked ballot papers

Voters in Lilongwe


Reports suggest 7 Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) representatives were found in possession of pre-marked ballots and the issues is being investigated by Police.

In Nkhotakota and Salima were arrested in relation to election misconduct on allegations of trying to disrupt voting process.

All across Malawi polling started at 6,0clock apart from places like Mzimba Hora and Chichiri Prison and which started at 9:30.

87 percent of polling stations saw long ques apon opening of voting.

Citizens continue to campaign especially on social media.

96 percent of party representatives are conducting their duties.

Pemphero Musowa

Live: Habitat polling centre voting underway

Polling centre in Mangochi


Habitat polling center in Mangochi central constituency is also registering good number of voters.

3,886 people are expected to cast their votes.

#FPE2020 #MalawiDecides2020 #MalawiKuvotanso

Pemphero Musowa

Live: Mangochi stars voting on a good note



By Mayamiko Majawa 

Admarc 3 polling center in Mangochi started this morning with good numbers of voters turning up.

The voting process started at 6 am.

According to Polling Officer Felistus Phiri all the materials are readily available though there is the missing of cloud control tape and glue.

Voting in Mangochi

"We have started well though there is shortage of some things," she said.

Voting in Mangochi

Chisomo Ngulube

Grounds of appeal too repetitive, argumentative-Supreme Court

Grounds of appeal too repetitive and argumentative-Supreme Court


The Supreme Court has faulted some of the grounds of appeal presented before it by the second appellants (Malawi Electoral Commission-MEC) in the presidential election appeal case.

Giving his analysis, Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda said grounds of appeal should not be repetitive but that they noticed that was the case in the appeal by the MEC which presented 137 of them.

“Many of those grounds of appeal are repetitive and argumentative. Some of them are extremely confrontational and they make unwarranted and baseless accusations of bias against the court below.

“Allegations of bias should not be lightly made, especially against a court, we emphasise. Some of the grounds were not just fictious, but clearly unprofessional and distasteful we have found them to be unnecessary numerous convoluted and embarrassing,” said the Chief Justice.

The Supreme Court began by laying ground, referring the court back to the decision of the lower Constitutional Court.

Chisomo Ngulube

MEC Commissioners want social distance observed, refuse to come in


The stage is set for the Malawi Electoral Commission to receive nominations from presidential candidates.

The ceremony which was supposed to start at 9 am has been delayed by close to an hour

MEC is insisting that they will only come in if the Malawi Congress Party and UTM Party trim their numbers of suppporters to ensure the room has only 100 people seated

Chisomo Ngulube

Burden of proof is on the Malawi Electoral Commission


Lead lawyer for Malawi Congress Party Modecai Msisha is now presenting the party's defence.

He says the burden of proof is on the Malawi Commission.

“The burden is proof on the Commission to explain how it has accounted for its management of the elections. It should not quibble about it. It should not be subjected to disclosure orders.

It only happens because the Commission behaves like a primary party. MEC has the statutory and constitutional responsibility to be transparent about its process," he argues.


Kulinji Reporter

ConCourt did not err on 50+1


Lawyer for Saulos Chilima, Chikosa Silungwe further argues that there was no competent appeal, explaining that the first appellant flouted some procedures in making their application.

Silungwe further points out that the court below properly applied the rule of precedence, they did not err.

"The point was properly open for consideration.

"Majority can not mean greater than. It means 50+1," he says.


Chisomo Ngulube

Malawi is not anybody's farm-Chilima's lawyer

Chilima at Appeal


Court has returned from the lunch break and lawyers for the first respondent in the Presidential Election Appeal case Saulos Chilima of UTM Party are presenting their defence.

They are argue that  much us the case is about the four parties (Malawi Electoral Commission, Peter Mutharika of the DPP, Saulos Chilima of UTM Party and Malawi Congress Party, it extends to Malawians.

"Malawi is not anybody's farm, the dismissal of this appeal will nip in the bud the arrogance that is displayed by public institutions and officers.

"The second point about burden of proof, the court below agreed with us on the point and we believe that is the correct application of the law," says Chilima's lawyer

On the  point about the right to be sued- he argues that there must be a public interest first before a public institution sues.