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Three people fined for possessing forest produce in Dowa


Three people in Dowa have been ordered to pay fines for being found in possession of forest produce without permit and trafficking forest produce.

Dowa first grade magistrate court through state prosecutor inspector Christopher Daluni heard that Wilson Tambala, 32 and Bisalomu Steven, 24, were arrested for being found in possession of forest produce especially charcoal without a permit whilst Charles Chitembeya, 46, was arrested for trafficking forest produce (charcoal) without a permit at Dowa Turn off Roadblock.

Appearing before court, the convicts pleaded guilty to charges of being found in possession of forest produce without produce pleaded guilty to charges of being found in possession of forest produce without a permit and trafficking forest produce.

In his submission state prosecutor inspector Daluni pleaded with the court for a stiff punishment, saying natural resources like trees are being destroyed hence affecting climate change.

Passing statement, First Grade Magistrate Amran Phiri concurred with the state’s submission and warned the convicts not to traffick forest produce again.

He then fined Tambala and Steven to pay a fine of K150, 000.00 each or in default serve eight months imprisonment with hard labour while Chitembeya has been ordered to pay a fine of K350, 000.00 or in default serve 10 months imprisonment with hard labour.

The Convicts have since paid the fines and the charcoal has been forfeited to the Malawi Government.

Tambala comes from Kabudula Village in Traditional Authority Kabudula in Lilongwe, Steven is from Mtuwa Village in Traditional Authority Wimbe in Kasungu whilst Chitembeya is from Chinduzi Village in Traditional Authority Wimbe in Kasungu.


Martha Pakula

17 yr old girl commits suicide


A 17 year old girl, Nancy Chingola has committed in Ndirande Township in Blantyre.

According to the Public Relations Officer for Ndirande Police Station Maxwell Jailos, the incident occurred on Monday at 18:00 hours  at Ndirande Mapuloti.

Nancy was left home alongside her brother when their mother went for business at Ndirande Market.

At around midday, Nancy's brother left her with one of his friends in the same neighborhood while washing clothes.

On her return from the market, at around 18:30 hours, the mother found the daughter hanging dead on piece of rope in her bedroom.

With the help of neighbors, the mother untied the lifeless daughter from the rope and laid her down.

She reported to Ndirande Police Station and police officers rushed to the scene.

They took the body to the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital where death was certified as due to  strangulation.

The deceased hails from Lundu village Traditional Authority Lundu in Chikwawa district.

Meanwhile, Police is appealing to all youths not ot take their lives no matter how hard the situation is.


Mirriam Singini

Woman fined for false news publication



The Lilongwe Magistrate Court on Tuesday convicted and sentenced a 38 -year-old woman, Ireen Chisulo Majiga for publishing false news likely to cause fear and alarm to the public.

The court through state prosecutor Humphreys Makhariha, heard that on March 15, this year the accused published false voice note about a certain suspect who is on remand answering a defilement case.

In his submission, Makhariha asked the court to impose a stiff sentence to Majiga, saying this tendency of false news publicity on social media is increasing and it brings unrest to the public.

Makhariha further told the court that in her voice note that went viral on social media, the woman claimed that the defiler had been released dubiously.

The Cyber-crime unit investigated the matter and arrested Majiga.

Passing the sentence, Chief Resident Magistrate Patrick Chirwa concurred with the state and ordered Majiga to pay a fine of K50, 000.00 or in default to serve one month in jail with hard labour.

Appearing before court, Majiga pleaded guity to the charge levelled against her. Meanwhile, she has paid the fine.

Mirriam Singini

3 arrested from stealing from Warehouse in Blantyre-Limbe Police


Police in Limbe have arrested three people on suspicion that they stole various items valued at over K5 million in Maone industrial area in Limbe, Blantyre.

It is believed that Bright Samuel who was working as a security guard at the warehouse belonging to a Malawian of Asian origin, connived with his two colleagues and broke into a warehouse.

The suspects who are connected to series of breaking offences in Limbe policing area, were cornered on Friday April 7, and have been identified as John Petrol, 45, Richard Chingwalu, 46, and Bright Samuel, 22.

According to the statement by the police the three stole 24 cartons of spaghetti, 35 cartons of bayonet coils, 117 Boxes of  locks, 3 cisterns covers, seven cartons of GRS kitchen drawers and three basins, all valued at MK5.5 million.

Police launched an investigation which led to their arrest and recovery of two cartons of GRS kitchen drawers and one carton of spaghetti.

They have since been charged with breaking into a building and committing a felony therein, which contravenes section 331(a) of the penal code, and will appear in court soon.

Meanwhile, Police wish to urge the citizenry to continue working hand in hand with them by among others continue providing with tips which leads to apprehension of criminals.

Mirriam Singini

Man fined K50, 000 for assaulting a Woman in Dowa


The third grade magistrate court in Dowa has convicted and sentenced a 24 year old man to pay a fine of K50, 000 or in default serve 12 months imprisonment with hard labour for assaulting a 24- year old woman.

According to the state prosecutor sub inspector Benedict Mathambo the convict known as Mia Makala on April 13 this year unlawfully assaulted Beatrice Mussa occasioning her actual bodily harm after the two picked a quarrel on issues related to relationship at Chiwere village in the district of Dowa.

In his submission Mathambo pleaded with the court to mete out a stiff punishment to the offender, saying the offence committed is serious in nature hence the statement will deter others from committing similar offence.

Appearing before court on Thursday, the convict pleaded guilty to a charge of assault occasioning actual bodily harm contrary to Section 254 of the Penal Code.

Concurring with the state’s submission, the third grade magistrate Charity Simwaka sentenced the man to pay a fine of K50, 000 to be treated as a compensation to the victim.

Pemphero Musowa

Woman jailed 18 months for stealing goat in Dowa


The Dowa First Grade Magistrate's Court has convicted and sentenced an 18-year-old woman, Charity Jakalasi, to 18 months imprisonment with hard labour for stealing a goat.

The court through state prosecutor Sub Inspector Ezara Bakili heard that the convict, Charity Jakalasi, on April 15, 2021 at Chiponda Village in the district of Dowa stole a goat valued at K30,000.00 belonging to Lestina Yobe of Chapenya Village in Traditional Authority Chiwere in Dowa District.

It was further learnt in court that the victim used to graze her goats within her compound and it happened that the convict came from Lilongwe to pay a visit to her parents since they live in the same neighborhood with the victim.

On her departure back to Lilongwe after passing at the victim's house, the convict stole a goat on its grazing area by untieing the rope and delivered it to a certain boy who facilitated the movement of the goat and pocketed K4,300 from the convict since she was cheating the young boy as if she is the owner of the goat.

State prosecutor Sub Inspector Ezara Bakili further told the court that both the young boy and the convict were intercepted by an angry mob after the victim informed a certain man who identified the goat hence mobilised people, who further effected an arrest of the woman.

Appearing before court, the convict pleaded not guilty to a charge of theft of cattle contrary to Section 281 of the Penal Code.

This prompted the state to parade three witnesses, leading to her conviction.

In his submission, state prosecutor Sub Inspector Ezara Bakili told the court that despite the convict being a first offender, he asked the court for a custodial sentence, saying the offence committed is serious in nature, cases of theft of cattle are rampant in the district and that she committed the offence to a known old woman in the same neighborhood.

Passing sentence, First Grade Magistrate Amran Phiri concurred with the state's submission and sentenced her to 18 months imprisonment with hard labour to send as a warning to other would-be offenders.

Charity Jakalasi comes from Mwambira Village in the area of Traditional Authority Chiwere in Dowa District.

In a related development, the same court has convicted and sentenced Kondwerani Makina aged 31, of Kachedwa Village in Traditional Authority Msakambewa in Dowa, to 18 months imprisonment with hard labour for stealing 100 kilograms of maize valued at K15,000.00 belonging to Bester Bob Mphonde of Chulu 1 Village in Traditional Authority Mponela in Dowa.

Pemphero Musowa

3 children killed in Lilongwe road accident


Three children have died this morning after being hit by a Toyota Fortuner along Lilongwe - Mchinji M12 road.

The three--two girls and a boy-are identified as as Chisomo Sumani, 12, Faith Maxwell, 11, and Martin Majawa, 8.

The deceased met their fate on Thursday at around 7:00 am at Demera Hotel junction.

It is said that Newton Chilingulo, 40, was heading from Chitipi direction towards Kaunda Roundabout on his Toyota Fortuner, registration number NU 8998. 

On his arrival at the said junction, he started overtaking a vehicle but, suddenly, another vehicle ahead was also overtaking other vehicles.

This forced Chilingulo to swerve to the pavement where he hit three children walking on the pavement.

The children sustained multiple fractures and died on their arrival at Kamuzu Central Hospital. 

The deceased came from Mzumala Village Traditional Authority Njewa in Lilongwe.

Martha Pakula

Man fined K600,000 for causing death by reckless driving


The Dowa First Grade Magistrate's Court on Wednesday convicted and sentenced a 27 year old driver Aman Kalidozo to pay a fine of K600,000 or in default to serve 6 months imprisonment with hard labor for causing death by reckless driving.

The court through Prosecutions Officer for Central East Region, Superintendent  Patrick Chambuluka heard that on April 7, 2021, Kalidozo was driving a motor vehicle registration number CP 4463 from Dowa Boma  going towards Dzaleka Refugee Camp with a passenger on board.

Chambuluka further told the court that upon arrival at Besela Village, the driver failed to negotiate a right curve due to speeding and eventually the motor vehicle swerved and went off the road to the left where is hit two pedestrians, Happy Kalinda, 33 and Petro, 21.

Following the impact, the two pedestrians were taken to Dowa District Hospital where they were pronounced dead due to severe head injuries while the driver sustained a cut on the right fingers and the other passenger escaped unhurt.

Appearing before court, the driver pleaded guilty for causing death by reckless driving contrary to section 126 of the Road Traffic Act.

In his submission, the prosecutor asked for a stiff punishment saying two lives were lost due to the reckless driving of the accused.

Passing the sentence, Magistrate Imran Phiri concurred with the state and ordered the driver to pay fine of K600,000.00 or in default serve six months imprisonment with hard labor. The Magistrate added that the fine will be given to the families of the two deceased as compensation with each getting K300,000.00.

The convict has since paid the fine.

Kalidozo comes from Johnson Village, in the area of Traditional Authority in Mwanza.



Pemphero Musowa

Ugandan trader fined K1, 000 over K11m soya beans

The truck carrying K11 million worth of merch


The Lilongwe Magistrate's Court has fined Ugandan trader K1, 000 (one thousand kwacha) for illegal farm produce business after being found with 640 bags of soya beans which he wanted to smuggle into Zambia.

The court, on Tuesday, also ordered the trader, Eric Mugerwa, to have his truck and 640 bags of soya beans, which are worth K11 million, forfeited to the government.

State Prosecutor Inspector Rodney Bottoman told the court that Mugerwa was busted on April 12 this year at Namitete Trading Centre while loading the bags into his truck, registration number RU 8635.

In his trial, Mugerwa admitted to buying agricultural produce without a license.

The offence contravenes Regulation 3(2)(b) of the Smallholder Agricultural Produce (Marketing) Regulations as read with Regulation 8(a) of the Smallholder Agricultural Produce (Marketing) Regulations.

Through his lawyers, Pawene Nkhata and Gift Katundu, Mugerwa asked for leniency saying he hadn't wasted the court's time.

However, Prosecutor Bottoman prayed to the same court to mete out a harsh sentence.

He argued that a tough penalty would help in  protecting local farmers from unscrupulous traders like Mugerwa.

In his judgment, Second Grade Magistrate Tawonga Muwalo bought into the state's submission.

He stated that there was a need to hand down a meaningful sentence to stop unscrupulous traders from exploiting poor farmers.

Muwalo went ahead slapping the Ugandan businessman with a K1, 000 (one thousand kwacha) fine or in default serve one month in prison. 

He also ordered the convict to forfeit both his truck and soya beans to the Malawi Government.

Mirriam Singini

Dowa female police officers commended to love another


By: Mirriam Singini

Female police officers in Dowa have been asked to love one another if they are to excel in their daily duties.

The officer in charge for the station deputy commissioner Rhoda Manjolo made the opinions during a meeting organized for female police officers aimed at instilling discipline amongst female police officers on Wednesday 7th April.

Speaking during the meeting, the officer in-charge stressed the need for female police officers to love one another and avoid in indulging in immoral behaviors such as gossiping.

On her part, one of the female police officers based at Mvera Police sub-inspector Maureen Nyondo said the meeting had come at the right time in ensuring that true love exist among female police officers hence enhancing professional skills.

According to the statement released by Dowa police Public relations officer Gladson M,bumpha, the deputy commissioner Manjolo advised the female police officers to work as a team for the benefit of the station and senior female police officers should be motivating junior female police officers.